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Small Group Training Courses – Term 4

Did you know the Rec Centre’s popular Small Group Training courses are open for anyone to attend, no membership required??  We have a bunch of different courses for all UC Staff to take advantage of!

Recreation centre, various classes set up by staff for marketing services, 20.10.15 and 23.10.15 Client, Kat Henderson, Rec Centre.

What is Small Group Training?
Short 5 week fitness courses, where you will work with the same small group of people each week in a supportive and energising environment.
The courses are a great way to try something new and stay healthy and well at the same time!

Whats on offer for Term 4?
Animal Flow
Meditation though Yin Yoga
Suspension Training (TRX)
Yoga Play (Inversions)

Check out all of the specific course details, days and times here! 

All courses start during the second week of Term 4.
To sign up, just pop into see the Rec Centre reception team, or give us a call on ext 92433.

Zumba Glow Dance Party – we don’t sweat, we glow!

Want to do something a little different on a Friday night? Come join our Zumba Glow Party!

170823 Zumba glowOn Friday 22 September, we’ll be turning off the regular lights, and turning on the party and uv lights to have a glowing Zumba dance party experience!

With five Zumba instructors to keep you going through 90 minutes of fun Zumba dance, and your friends (or new ones!) to help put on your glow paint, this is something special to celebrate Spring and the return to warmer times!

Tickets are just $5 for members of the UC RecCentre, or $10 for non-members. So yes, anyone can go! (as long as they’re over 16yrs old). So, don’t miss out and pop over to the RecCentre today to buy your ticket from reception.

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Would you like to win a ticket for you and a friend? We’ve got 2 prize packs to give away for Intercom readers, each containing a 2 Glow Drink Bottles and 2 tickets to the Zumba Glow Dance Party.

To enter, simply comment below with your favourite Zumba song, or if you’ve never tried Zumba, your ‘go to song’ that motivates you to move!

Entries close 10 September, 2017. Winners will be contacted by 18 September, 2017, and must agree to have their names published on this thread.

Win a 6 month gym membership!

We’ve got a brilliant mid-winter membership special for the month of July, including the chance to win back your membership!

Spring is just around the corner, which means summer is not far away now. What better time to reboot your health and fitness than with a gym membership at the RecCentre? We offer all the usual gym stuff (cardio, weights, group fitness, small group training, personal training) plus a whole lot more like squash, badminton, basketball and a climbing wall to mix up your health activities.

Our building might be a little bit weary, but we have a team of exceptional and experienced staff, all passionate about fitness and eager to help you on your health & fitness journey. Our equipment is modern, most of which is under five years old. We’re not gonna lie, the gym can be really busy when the students are back, but if you can convince your team leader to give you an extra 15mins for transit & shower time, you can get a quick workout in at lunchtime and be uber productive in the afternoon! Or maybe try coming before work when it’s super quiet? Students don’t seem to do mornings so much… Peak time is 3.30pm – 8pm, so head over outside those hours for a quick workout.

170623-gym stretch

We’ve got a fabulous special for new members (ie those who haven’t had a membership with us in the past 6months). For UC Staff, it’s just $149 for six months, including a free SteerMe personalised gym programme, saving you $65 in total. For any staff member who joins during July, you’ll be in the draw to win your membership back (via bank deposit) or choose to add an additional six months on for free! So, if you’re not eligible for our July special, check out our standard rates….they’re still pretty sharp! (and don’t forget the discount for Union members)

Not sure? You could try a free week trial, just to see what it’s like before committing. You’ll still be eligible for the July special, assuming you’ve met the other T&Cs.

Need a break? Make your own walking poster

Research or computer work getting a bit intense? Forgotten what fresh air smells like? Do you squint each time you head outdoors into natural light?

Take five minutes to generate your own walking poster, another awesome All Right? initiative.

What about making this a habit for your ‘Habit Stick’? Read about the three R’s of habit formation (reminder- routine – reward) here .

Here’s one I created – which shows I can get from the University to Riccarton Bush pretty quickly. The same for Bush Inn. Googling a distance calculator made it super easy.

example of generating walking poster

Winter workouts – and how to NOT skip them!

Do you find it super easy to talk yourself into going home after work, rather than hit the workout trail, just because it’s a bit colder? Me too. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track through the winter months.

It’s no surprise that food is key. When our energy levels dip, our motivation follows. First up, ensure you’ve had a good breakfast with a good balance of protein, good fats and complex carbs. You can read more on How to supercharge your breakfast by Healthy Food Guide.

Follow that up with a lunch that doesn’t put you into a food coma – that means avoiding refined carbs and lots of sugar. We love Nadia Lim’s recipes – they look spectacular, are spectacularly healthy, AND really are very simple to make!

Finally, choosing snacks (and snack times) to make sure when you actually get to the gym, you have the energy to take it on! This could be your afternoon latte, or with a little organisation on the weekend, you could prep a healthy snack to take with you. I keep mine simple, greek yoghurt, frozen berries and a teaspoon of chia seeds – tastes like a mid-afternoon dessert!

170530_RecCentre buddy

With your food sorted, it’s time to check the environment and your routine. Try a few of these out, and see what combination works for you!

  1.  Schedule your gym into your Outlook calendar – you’ll get a reminder ding, and it’s less likely you’ll have a meeting put in there!
  2. Change into your exercise gear BEFORE you leave the office. You’ll have a visual reminder and feel more accountable to yourself.
  3. Leave things at the office. Just go exercise. Eliminate the temptation to ‘not stop’ on your journey home, because you still have to get things from your office.
  4. Get a buddy. It’s less likely you’ll bail if you’re meeting a friend.
  5. Set the bar really low. Promise yourself 15 minutes. It’s better than nothing, and it’s highly likely you’ll end up staying once the endorphins kick in and you start feeling good. Or, just go HIIT mode, and get a full workout in just 15 minutes.

Let’s do this!