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40 Years of RDU exhibition at Canterbury Museum

A new exhibition celebrating 40 years of UC’s student radio station RDU will open at Canterbury Museum on the 18th March.

The exhibition will create a number of “firsts” for the museum including live gigs, live music and live broadcasts in the museum’s Special Exhibitions Hall.

For details of the public programme and events go to www.canterburymuseum.com and www.rdu.org.nz.

Tickets for the live gigs on sale at www.dashtickets.co.nz from 18 March 2016.

New Zealand’s oldest copy of the Magna Carta on display at UC

New Zealand’s oldest copy of the Magna Carta is publicly going on display for the first time, just as a new connection it has with Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn has been discovered.

Read all about the discovery here >>>

The Mana of the Magna Carta: The New Zealand Experience of a Medieval Legacy exhibition will be on display at the Matariki building gallery from 1 – 6 December 2015.

Joyce Campbell: HIDE

You are warmly invited to the Ilam Campus Gallery Exhibition Opening.

Joyce Campbell reveals to us an almost imperceptible thread in her recent photographs, bringing together a group of images which have non-human creatures at their core: eel, mountain lion, raven and spider. These animals are neither metaphors for the artist, nor symbols of anything whatsoever. Rather, they are our kin in various domains, and their agency is their own, outside of us, and our too-human categories. Read more…

  • Date: Tuesday 6 October 2015, 5pm
  • Location: Ilam Campus Gallery, Block 2, School of Fine Arts
  • Exhibition runs till 29 October. There will also be an artist talk for this exhibition 1pm Thursday 8 October

Christchurch International: Bret de Thier’s Art Festival posters 1973/75

Bret de Thier’s posters for the Christchurch Arts Festivals of 1973 and ’75 represent a significant moment in the history and trajectory of New Zealand graphic design. As a recent graduate of the ‘Ilam’ School of Fine Arts, and an employee of the Bascands design studio, de Thier was given the opportunity to apply the formal language of the ‘Swiss International Style’ to a large scale cultural project supported by the city council. Timed to coincide with the current 2015 Christchurch Arts Festival, this exhibition reproduces ten of Bret’s posters at a much larger scale, creating an immersive interior poster wall in the gallery at the same time as the current festival posters are pasted up around the inner city. Read More…

  • Date: Tuesday 8 September 2015, 05:00PM to 3 October 2015, 04:00PM
  • Location: Ilam Campus Gallery, Block 2, School of Fine Arts, Ilam Campus