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Website search issues

Over the past few months the website search has not been performing to an acceptable level.

Both the web team and IT have been working closely with the third party search provider to remedy this and a lot of improvements have been made to date. However, if you continue to experience search related issues please submit them via the form located here: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/web/search/

How you can help
Your submissions will help both the web team and IT to continue to map the issue as we liaise with the search provider. Each submission will be reviewed individually and fixed where possible.

Both teams will continue to work very closely with the third party provider to keep enhancing the search functionality to provide you with a better experience.

Hear your students’ views now

The responses to teaching and course surveys are now available to academic staff; you can access these via Learn.  If you are having difficulty seeing the responses, please see the following guide: SET Assigning Access in Learn.

This year, we have moved to a new way of surveying students, which has resulted in a large increase in our response rates. To make sure we keep this good response rate up, we invite all staff to actively engage in closing the loop on course surveys by providing brief written information to next year’s students on the comments made this year.

You may wish to do this on Learn, on the CIS or by other means.

Thanks from the Academic Services Group.