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Developing country scholarship winners graduate in special ceremony

Congratulations to the New Zealand scholarship winners who are now graduates of the University of Canterbury.

New Zealand scholarships are offered to candidates from nominated developing countries around the world, and are funded by NZ AID.

NZ Aid Completion Ceremony, A4 lecture Theatre 16.11.15 Hamish Cochrane, Jim Dragna, Matthew Allen, NZ Foreign Affairs and Trade, Shelley Chapelle. Being presented, graduating. Douglas Aufiu Samanan Kittijarot Lu Xuan Dai Florentine Masingau Gaylodr Mitto Paul Oyier Ana Rachid Casnati Christopher Ruigu Doctor Segweni Naomay Tor

UC currently has approximately 100 students under this scholarship scheme. They study in a wide range of subjects and degrees, which all focus on the particular developmental needs of each country as scholars are bound to return to their home country for two years at the completion of their study to help contribute to its development.

A ceremony was held on Monday to celebrate their graduation because New Zealand scholarship winners usually have to leave the country shortly after finishing their exams for visa reasons, so can’t attend graduation in December or April.


Douglas Aufiu (Solomon Islands, Bachelor of Commerce), Paul Oyier (Kenya, Master of Forestry Science), Christopher Ruigu (Kenya, Master in Water Resource Management), Doctor Segweni (Botswana, Postgraduate Diploma in Water Resource Management), Benard Mitto (Kenya, Postgraduate Diploma in Geographic Information Science), Xuan Dai Lu (Vietnam, Master of Engineering in Transportation) Front row: Naomay Norma Tor (Vanuatu, Bachelor of Science), Samanan Kittijarot (Thailand, Master of Laws), Florentine Masingnau (Vanuatu, Bachelor of Commerce), Ana Cecilia Rachid Casnati (Uruguay, PhD in Forestry).

December Graduation Information for Staff

All members of staff of the University are invited to join the stage party for the December graduation ceremonies at the Horncastle Arena.  The ceremonies will be held on:

Tuesday 15 December

10.00 am  Faculties of Engineering & Forestry, and Science

2.00 pm  Faculty of Education

Thursday 17 December

10.00 am  Faculties of Law, Commerce, and Arts

Academic regalia must be worn and orders should be submitted via department administrators no later than Monday 23rd November.  To register attendance for the stage party, please email karen.reynolds@canterbury.ac.nz.

Further information about graduation can be found here .