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Grants for initiatives to boost gender equity and equality

Further to my recent post on ACU membership benefits, this is a heads up that ACU offers an annual grant to member universities to support initiatives that will boost gender equity and equality.

They say…. “The grants can be used for a diverse range of projects, workshops, and events in areas such as:

  • Supporting women in leadership
  • Raising awareness of sexual harassment and developing anti-sexual harassment initiatives
  • Supporting women in science and research
  • Creating effective institutional policies
  • Mainstreaming gender equity into the curriculum.”

Keep an eye on their site for the opening date.

Karen Mather, Organisational Development Manager, Human Resources


A reminder that nominations for the 2020 Canterbury, Cambridge and Oxford Fellowships and Grants are now open.

Nominations for visits to UC (fellowships) and visits by UC academics (grants) are due into the Erskine Programme Office by 10 May 2019.  Visits will take place during 2020.

Further information and the nomination forms can be found here>

Canterbury Fellowships and Grants are available for non-Erskine Schools/Departments being:

  • the College of Arts (excluding the Departments of Philosophy, Linguistics and NCRE);
  • The College of Education, Health and Human Development (exuding the School of Health Sciences); and
  • The School of Law.

All Schools and Departments can apply for a Cambridge and Oxford Fellowship or Grant.

If you have any questions, please contact the Erskine Programme Office at erskine@canterbury.ac.nz.

Aotearoa New Zealand Three Rs award research grant extended until 14 April 2019

In July 2018, the National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC) launched 2 biennial awards to celebrate achievement in the development and implementation of the Three Rs. 

The Three Rs are considered the guiding principles for animal research, testing, and teaching. They are:

REPLACEMENT – Replacing animals with non-animal alternatives.

REDUCTION – Using as few animals as necessary.

REFINEMENT – The way experiments are carried out should be refined to reduce pain or suffering as much as possible, for example, by using painkillers, or the most advanced scientific methods.

Applications for the Aotearoa New Zealand John Schofield Three Rs implementation award closed on 5 October 2018.  However, the deadline for grant has been extended.

On offer (to an individual, group or institution within New Zealand) is a $50,000 research grant, which will provide funding for research specifically targeted at developing ways to replace, reduce, or refine the use of animals in research, testing, and teaching.

Applications for the Aotearoa New Zealand John Schofield Three Rs implementation close on 14 April 2019. 

To apply, visit the MPI website

Erskine Programme – Oxford, Cambridge and Canterbury Visiting Fellowships and Grants 2018

The Erskine Programme is pleased to announce that the following people have been awarded Oxford, Cambridge and Canterbury Fellowships and Grants to and from UC in 2018.

Canterbury Fellowship (coming to UC)

  • Professor Toby Greany from the London Centre for Leadership in Learning, UCL Institute of Education, London, UK in Semester Two 2018.  Professor Greany will visit the School of Educational Studies and the School of Teacher Education.
  • Professor Lynne Schrum from the Abraham S. Fischler College of Education, Nova southeaster University, USA in Semester One 2018.  Professor Schrum will visit the School of Education Studies and Leadership.
  • Distinguished Professor George Noblit from the School of Education, The University of North Carolina, USA in Semester Two.  Professor Noblit will visit the School of Educational Studies and Leadership and the School of Teacher Education.
  • Professor Paul McCutcheon from the University of Limerick, Ireland will visit in Semester One . Professor McCutcheon will visit the School of Law.
  • Associate Professor Gregory Breetzke from the University of Pretoria, South Africa will visit the  Departments of Sociology and Anthropology and Criminal Justice.  He will visit in Semester One 2018.
  • Professor Robert Hackett from Simon Fraser University in Canada will visit in Semester Two.  He will spend his time with the Department of Media and Communications.
  • Professor Michael Dawson and Dr Catherine Gidney will visit UC as joint Canterbury Fellows in Semester One.  They were awarded their fellowship last year and are from St Thomas University, Canada.  The will visit the Department of History.

Oxford Fellowship

  • Dr William Allan from University College, Oxford, UK will visit the Department of Classics.  Dr Allan will visit in Semester One.

Cambridge Fellowship

  • Professor Julian Dowdeswell from the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge will visit in Semester One.  He will visit Gateway Antarctica*.

Oxford Grant (from UC)

  • Associate Professor Mathieu Sellier from the Department of Mechanical Engineering will spend time at the Department of Engineering at the University of  Oxford, UK.  The visit will take place in Semester Two 2018*.
  • Professor Letitia Fickel  from the School of Teacher Education will visit the Department of Education at the University of Oxford, UK.  The visit will take place during Semester Two.

Cambridge Grant

  • Mrs Natalie Baird from the School of Law will visit the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge, UK.   The visit will be held in Semester Two.

*awards to be funded from the Erskine bequest.

Congratulations to all the successful recipients.  We look forward to welcoming the visiting fellows to UC next year.

Teaching Development Grants 2016

Do you have a good idea to develop your teaching and need a financial kick start?

Consider applying for a teaching development grant for 2016 of up to $10,000. Projects which support the University’s graduate attributes will be given priority, although other proposals will be considered.

Further details of the grant application process, application forms and other information are available on the teaching development grant website.