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We have all seen the Emergency Procedures Flipcharts around, but how many of us have actually read these?

Each week we will look at a page from the flip chart in order to become more familiar with its contents.

Emergency Procedures

Fire & Evacuation Procedures

Remember R-A-C-E:

R – Remove anyone from immediate danger

A – Activate nearest fire alarm

C – Contain the fire by closing doors, etc.

E – Extinguish the fire if possible

If the fire is uncontrollable – EVACUATE

Health & Safety Representatives – Nominations Open

Health and Safety, UC News

Health & Safety Representatives – Nominations Open

Nominations are sought for the position of Health and Safety Representative for the following departments/areas:
(This list is also available here)

Committee Group Dept/Service  


College of Arts Languages, Social & Political Science (including NCRE) 1
College of Arts Aotahi: Maori & Indigenous Studies 1
College of Business and Law Management 1
College of Business and Law Economics & Finance 1
College of Business and Law Law 1
College of Business and Law Accounting & Information Systems 1
College of Education, Health & Human Dev Teacher Education – Secondary Science 1
College of Education, Health & Human Dev Centre of Evaluation & Monitoring 1
College of Education, Health & Human Dev Educational Studies & Leadership 1
College of Education, Health & Human Dev Teacher Education 1
College of Education, Health & Human Dev Education Plus 1
College of Engineering Mechanical (Incl. Mechatronics) 1
College of Engineering Mechanical (Incl. Mechatronics) 1
College of Engineering Computer Science & Software 1
College of Science Physical & Chemical Sciences 1
College of Science Psychology 1
College of Science Biological 1
College of Science Geography 1
College of Science Physical & Chemical Sciences 1
College of Science Physical & Chemical Sciences 1
College of Science Communication Disorders 1
Learning Resources Security & CCS 1
Learning Resources Library – Macmillan Brown 1
Learning Resources ITS – CTS 1
Learning Resources ITS – Application Systems Support 1
Learning Resources Capital Works 1
Learning Resources Library – EPS 1
Learning Resources Library – James Hight 1
Learning Resources Facilities Services – Building & Compliance 1
Learning Resources Facilities Services – Building Maintenance 1
Learning Resources Facilities Services – Grounds 1
Learning Resources Library – Collections 1
Learning Resources Facilities Services – Building Maintenance 1
Learning Resources UC Print 1
Learning Resources UC Logistics 1
Learning Resources ITS – Server & Network 1
Learning Resources Facilities Services – Mechanical Services 1
Service 3 AVC Maori 1
Service 3 Early Years Care & Education 1
Student Services and Communications SSAC – (Liaison Auckland & Wellington Office) 1
Student Services and Communications Student Success – Academic Skills 1
Student Services and Communications Pacific Development 1

Nominations are open from: 9:00am on 27 August 2019 until 5:00pm on 11 September 2019.

  • Full list of Health and Safety Representatives
  • A description of the role can be seen on the Info for H&S Reps page. Health and Safety
  • If you would like to discuss the role or have any questions, please contact Angie Willington from the Health and Safety Team or your union representative.
  • Completed nomination forms should be returned in a sealed envelope marked “Voting Papers” to:
    Health & Safety Coordinator, Health & Safety Office, West Room 817.

And the winners are…

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the Vice-Chancellor’s General Staff Development Awards and Health, Safety and Wellbeing Awards for 2019.

Vice-Chancellor General Staff Development Awards

  • Tracy Anderson, Marketing
  • Te Paea Paringatai, Library
  • Julian Phillips, College of Engineering
  • Elyse Thompson, Academic Services Group

Award of Acknowledgement

  • Catherine Woods, College of Business & Law

UC Prosci Scholarship Recipients

  • Sarah Cooke, Governance, ICT
  • Matthew Turnbull, College of Science
  • Robyn Nuthall, UC Futures, Finance
  • Kat Henderson, UC Sport & Recreation

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Awards

  • Bruce Vincent, Engineering Services, Facilities Services
  • Laurie Anderson, College of Science
  • Justin Harrison, College of Science
  • Steve Gibling, UC Sport & Recreation
  • Lauralee Mather, Admissions, Student Services & Communications
  • The Facilities Services Team
  • The UC Grounds Team
  • The Student Experience Team
  • Sarah Brown, College of Arts
  • School of Fine Arts, College of Arts

For more on our winners and the fantastic work they have been recognised for, click here>

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Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Do you want to undertake some Professional Development in 2019? Start booking your places & make the most of the courses available for the rest of 2019.

Spaces are available on the following September courses:

  • Leading Change – 17 September, 9am-3pm
    You will learn how to lead change by implementing changes quickly and effectively, creating an environment that is more nimble and conducive to improvements, turning resistance into engagement and commitment and taking proactive steps for keeping the initiative alive.
  • Creating Technical Materials – 19 September, 9am-4.30pm Practical exercises using participants’ workplace technical writing will target the ability to structure documents according to the audience, content and purpose, so information is conveyed with clarity.
  • Communication Skills – 24 September, 9am-4.30pm
    This customised one day workshop allows participants to reflect on their communication competence through interactive exercises and to employ practical tools they can integrate into their repertoire.

Do you need to get your First Aid Certificate revalidated? Remember you get three months from date of expiry to revalidate, or you will lose your certification. If you are due for renewal, join our First Aid Revalidation course on 13 September, 9am-4pm.

You’ll find more learning at Learning and Development.

Universities Step Challenge – 10,000 Step Challenge

Just like the Aotearoa Bike Challenge at the start of this year in February, we are inviting you to join in on the Universities step challenge. The challenge has been set by the team at CQ University Australia and they have invited campuses all around Australia and New Zealand to join in.  It is open to all staff, students, and anyone who is associated with UC, with official registrations of the challenge starting on 1 August (SO SAVE THE DATE!)

The challenge is simple, you need to complete 10,000 steps a day from 19 August to 29 September. As daunting as this may sound, it is not impossible. Once you take into account walking to and from office, up and down stairs, to and from meetings, and around the campus, the steps starts to rack up without you even knowing.

So who are we battling against in the challenge of the steps? Well there are a total of 12 universities across Australasia in the Universities Step Challenge.

The Australian universities are:

  • Australian Catholic University
  • Bond University
  • Southern Cross University
  • The University of Newcastle
  • The University of Western Australia
  • The University of the Sunshine Coast
  • The University of Queensland
  • Western Sydney University

The champions universities in New Zealand are:

  • The University of Canterbury
  • The University of Waikato
  • Victoria University of Wellington

Being the only campus from the South Island we need to show the others the true grit of Canterbury walking. We already won the Super Rugby so now’s not the time to slow down. Let’s keep this championship mentality going forward one step at a time as each step is in the right direction for you overall health and wellness. Jump onto our website to get more information or talk to your faculty coordinator to join the team in the challenge. If you don’t know who they are then please get in contact with me via email.

Go on, take on the challenge. EVERY STEP COUNTS!