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Vice-Chancellor & Health, Safety and Wellbeing Award Winners 2018

2018 Vice-Chancellor General Staff Development Awards

Alongside Paul O’Flaherty, Executive Director HR | Kaihautū Matua Pūmanawa Tangata, Dr Rod Carr, Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Whakarae  presented awards to the following recipients at the ceremony on 30 August 2018:

  • Rebecca Hurrell
  • Rebecca Warr and Pamela Glover
  • Naomi Wilde
  • Catherine Woods
  • Jace Carson (who was unable to attend)

Held annually, the awards are a chance for our General Staff to be recognised and rewarded for seeking out exceptional professional development opportunities, such as: visits to other higher educational institutions, staff exchanges, specialised training, conferences and more.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Awards 2018

Dr Rod Carr, Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Whakarae, presented alongside Steve Hunter, Health and Safety Manager, awards to the following recipients at the awards on 30 August 2018:

  • Mary Watson
  • Library H&S Group (Mushtak Dawood accepted on behalf)
  • Michael Sandridge
  • Charmaine Atherfold, Julie Stafford and Dave MacPherson

The Awards are designed to reward and encourage staff members to initiate innovative Health & Safety practices within their Department/Unit/College.

Congratulations to all of our winners 

We need your help to get UC staff 20% off memberships at CCC Pools/Fitness Centres!

  • Do you have a current membership to CCC pools/fitness centres?
  • Do they know you are UC staff?

Once we have 10 UC staff signed up, we all get 20% off our memberships! All you need to do is email Lou Murray (CCC Rec & Sport Membership Administrator) with your CCC membership number so they can flag you as UC staff. There are already 8 of us, so we just need 2 more people to get the discount. If you are considering becoming a member…read on!

With a multi-membership you can use the pools (including the Swimsmart adult lessons), the fitness centres and the group fitness classes at any of the four CCC Recreation & Sport Centres (Jellie Park, Graham Condon, Pioneer and Taiora QEII). You also receive a free personal programme, which includes a tailored plan to meet your goals, and a free follow-up appointment every 12 weeks.

I am also a member of UC RecCentre and LOVE IT, but find it’s great having a CCC membership as well, because I can use their spas/sauna rooms, pools, and saves money when I want to take the kids swimming during the school holidays. It’s a good option in the weekends because I have a CCC centre close to home. They have flexible payment options too.

Lou has already offered to provide staff some free passes, so you can try before you buy. They are exhibiting at The Fitness Expo on Saturday 6 October at Horncastle Arena where they will have giveaways.

Click here for info about membership options and prices.



Spring Small Group Training at the UC RecCentre

Our popular Term 4  Small Group Training (SGT) courses are open for registration, just in time for Spring!
These courses are open to everyone (no membership required), so if you’re looking for a bit of extra motivation during your work week, we might have the perfect solution for you, just over the other side of University Drive!

What is Small Group Training? 

  • Short 6 week fitness courses, focusing on a specific fitness/mind body discipline. E.g. Boxing, Bootcamp, Yoga etc.
  • Our experienced instructors work with you, along with the same small group of people each week in a supportive and energising environment.
  • Workouts can be individualised to suit you and your experience, due to the small class size.
  • A great way to remain accountable and motivated to reach your health and fitness goals.

What’s on offer for Term 4?

To discover more, click on the courses above.
All sessions are held at the UC RecCentre and commence from week 2 of Term 4.

To sign up…
Just pop into see the Rec Centre reception team, or give us a call on ext 92433 and you can sign up over the phone.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Meditation Mondays – free at UC!

Ever wondered how to meditate? Whilst there are a plethora of free meditation apps and videos on you tube, sometimes it’s just nice to have the comfort of a real teacher there to guide you, and answer your questions at the end of your meditation.

There are a range of meditation techniques out there, and we’ve lined up our yoga teacher Saskia Tranter, to offer 2x 20min guided meditation sessions. There is no cost to participate, and you don’t have to be a member of the RecCentre to join.

UC Students and Staff will have priority if we run out of space.

Where and When?
Every Monday throughout term time, beginning Monday 16 July for six weeks. You don’t need to come to every session, just the ones you can make.

Sessions start at 12pm and 12.30pm, and will be held in Rm 210, Puaka-James Hight. Sessions are capped at however many we can safely fit in the room, so do arrive early to get your seat.

Why meditate?
Relaxation is number one! Studies on the relaxation response have shown various short-term benefits to the nervous system including lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation, lower heart rate, slower respiratory (breathing) rate, less anxiety, more feelings of well-being, less stress, and deeper relaxation.

It’s worthwhile noting that the purpose of meditation is not to achieve benefits, but to simply be present. Out of being present, we may find that these benefits come.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact danielle.mather@canterbury.ac.nz

PT plus membership intro special for UC staff

What is a Personal Trainer (PT) good for, and do you really need one?

In all honesty, not everyone needs a PT, but they can certainly  help those of us who struggle with motivation, knowledge or boredom in the gym.

Why should you get a trainer?

1. It’s educational. We all love education right? If you want to learn to change the oil in your car, you don’t go to a hairdresser, and relying on unvetted Youtube or Instagrammers can be risky.  The best option is to find a qualified trainer who can work out a plan to suit your lifestyle and achieve your goals. It can also help prevent injuries or overtraining woes, which may slow you down.

2. Accountability. How many times have you procrastinated or said ‘tomorrow’? With a trainer, you’ll have a scheduled appointment for your diary to motivate you to turn up. And they’ll keep tweaking your programme to ensure it’s still challenging and intrinsically motivating for you.

3. Time management. With little spare time, it’s crucial that we find time to work on our own health and wellbeing. A trainer can help you maximise your time, so that you get the best workout in the time you have available.

4. It’s just more fun! Not having to think about what’s coming up next in your routine, and just letting the trainer guide you can be freeing and relaxing (all whilst working up a sweat). They can come up with fun and interesting ways to achieve your goals, without going to ‘standard’ exercises that are easier to remember on your own. They generally have good banter and charming personalities, which makes a 45min sweat session that much more enjoyable.

If any or all of these points resonate with you, then maybe you could do with a trainer? Good news is, starting Monday 11 June, we have an amazing 1 month Introductory training package available to all UC Staff.

We’re offering 1 full month of RecCentre Membership PLUS 4x PushMe personal training sessions for just $99.

Why are we doing it? Because your health is important, and we know that budget can be another constraint, so let’s remove that and get you off to a good start.  At that price, you can afford to give it a whirl, and see if it’s right for you.

Hurry, the special ends on Saturday 30 June, 2018, and you must bring your current Staff ID card to sign up at our reception (not available online). Visiting staff can take advantage of this too!

Finally, just note that this offer isn’t available in conjunction with other discounts, like discount vouchers or union membership discounts.