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UC takes third place in Aotearoa Bike Challenge

The UC team received third place in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge for the 500-1999 staff category in Christchurch.

Two of the staff who participated shared their experience:

Why I joined – Diana Hinterleitner

I signed up with Love to Ride Christchurch for the 2017 Aotearoa bike challenge and noted that UC did not have a registered team.  As I was wanting to make sure that my logged rides would count for something I set up UC and became the “Challenge Champion”, it was then up to me to encourage members of the UC staff to join up as well. 

The Aotearoa Bike Challenge ran from 1 – 28 February 2018, we currently have 115 out of 1764 staff registered within 35 different departments, we were still able to reach 3rd place for Christchurch.

It’s great to 

see progress when logging rides, for the challenge and also on an every day basis using automatic uploads via the Ride Report app.  Having recently purchased an E-bike (and not paying for car parking) I am now committed to commuting to work (20km round trip) by bike as much as possible. 

Grab life with both hands – Meg Twist

I am new to Christchurch, new to UC and new to cycling to work.  I made the decision to capture the freedom of my youth and attempt to cycle the 10km journey to and from work.

Encouraged by the wonderful Connie of Go Cycle Christchurch, and  a very bike-friendly work colleague, Dawn, the next logical step was to take part in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge. In such a large organisation like UC, it has given me contacts with other cyclists across campus.

Achieving small  goals like exceeding my previous weeks kilometres became ridiculously fun and addictive! I have saved money on petrol and increased my overall fitness. The website was user friendly and a great way  to check in to see how UC was faring against our competitors across the city. 

I am proud that UC came third in the competition, and encourage other UC staff to join next year.  It’s free and there are seriously good prizes on offer!

Angela Curl, Leigh Davidson,Johann Kissick, Sam Garmonsway,Lisa Beardsley,Diana Hinterleitner,Megan Twist,Margaret Ingram,Romy Forrer,Elizabeth Zou,Leonie Partridge, Felicity Watson, Alan Palmer


How can a personal trainer help your wellbeing?

Is this your year? Have you set some personal health and wellbeing goals or intentions for 2018? Do you need some help or accountability to achieve them? A personal trainer might just be part of the solution!

Personal trainers can sometimes be hard to justify when the budget is tight, in fact they’re often the first thing to be scrapped when a budget is drawn up. So it’s about priorities, so first of all, work out what your priorities are. If your health is holding you back, perhaps it’s important to prioritise that aspect of your life, in order to improve the rest?

A PT can help you in at least three of the five ways to wellbeing. Obviously, you’ll get to tick off ‘Being active’. Regular activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups, and for slowing age related cognitive decline.

They are also great for getting ‘connected’. Whilst not licensed therapists, PTs are usually very good listeners and it can be a nice way to make a positive social connection each week.

You’ll definitely ‘learn’ along the way, as your PT will be source of new information and be able to quench your thirst for exercise knowledge! The practice of setting goals can also help elevate levels of wellbeing, and you’ll no doubt set a few goals with your PT.

So, if you’ve been trying the same thing over and over again, and getting the same (lack of) results, maybe it’s time to try something new? The RecCentre has a range of options for all budgets and accountability needs, ranging from free StartMe intro sessions, low cost individualised SteerMe programmes, partial service PushME sessions through to full service personalised training.

Personal training special!
Haley Ingram, one of our spectacular PT’s, is currently offering a personal training special for new clients, until the end of April. Have two personal training sessions at regular price, and the next three you’ll receive at 50% off.

Haley has been a Personal Trainer at the RecCentre for over 10 years, and in the business for more than 20 years. She is well qualified, with both a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (Waikato), and a Postgraduate Diploma in Physical Education (Otago).

If you’re interested in chatting to Haley about how she can help you reach your health and wellbeing goals in 2018 and beyond, you can email her directly on haleyingram@gmail.com or call her on 0274 379 674.

Fall into Fitness

Are you up for trying a few new things and some old fitness favourites through April and May?

The SSAC team have organised the following fitness and wellbeing events, but all staff are more than welcome to come along! 

Every Wednesday, starting today, there will be things to try.  Visit the Wellbeing website at  http://ssacwellness.eventbrite.com for more information and please register to help with planning for numbers.  Revisit every week to see all the updates and new events coming online.

Team challenge

Can we collectively walk from Christchurch to Auckland in the next two months? That’s $1,10km, 1,686,507 steps, 215 hours of walking!  iPhone and android smart phones have a health app, if you haven’t already, turn on the app and carry your phone everywhere you go.  Once a week send me your total steps for the week, or load them yourself directly into the data page at K:\AllStaff\Wellbeing\SSAC Team Walking Challenge.xlsx. 

Please register here so we know you are participating!  

Wednesday 4 April – Walking routes around campus
You can use your steps from anywhere to count towards our team challenge, but we’ve made it super easy for those based in Christchurch with three campus walks that are tried and tested for steps, route and timing.  Meet under the clock between Matariki and the Library at 12noon on Wednesday 4 April for maps and directions and to try a route! K:\AllStaff\Wellbeing\Walks. https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/walking-tours-round-campus-tickets-44317222004

Wednesday 11 April – Salsa dancing
12 – 1 in Drama Workshop 1, Jack Mann Theatre, Dovedale campus.  FREE.  Comfortable shoes and a sense of fun are all that’s required! https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/salsa-dancing-for-absolute-beginners-no-partner-necessary-tickets-44317361421

Wednesday 18 April – Vegetarian Smörgåsbord
Join your SSAC colleagues for a shared vegetarian lunch.  Bring a plate of delicious food for the table and an empty plate to try what’s on offer.  More information to follow shortly, please register your interest in this event in the meantime at https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/vegetarian-smorgasbord-bring-a-plate-of-veggie-delights-tickets-44317395523

Wednesday 2 May – SSAC Staff Quiz
Teams of 4-6 invited to test your knowledge.  $10 per person (on the door) includes nibbles and quiz, cash bar available and trophy for the winning team! Please register your team online, no payment required until the event at https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/ssac-staff-quiz-tbc-tickets-44315961233

Wednesday 30 May – Office Golf Tournament
There are two parts to this challenge:

  1. Departments wishing to host a hole should register, they will receive full instructions and a ball/club for their visitors.  Don’t start to build your hole until Monday 28 May and no larger than 1m by 4m – bear in mind normal health and safety rules!
  2. Players to collect their play card with location of all holes to play!  $2 to participate, paid on collection of card.  Winner takes the pot!

Register not to ‘Host a Hole’ or play at https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/office-golf-tournament-if-you-build-it-they-will-come-tickets-44315831846

Autumn membership specials at the RecCentre

With Autumn advancing upon us, and summer saying goodbye, it gets harder and harder to stay motivated to exercise outdoors. It’s too cold, it’s too wet, it’s too dark… you know the drill!

While we fully recommend staying in nature as much as you can for your wellbeing, sometimes it’s just not feasible or safe, if working around busy schedules and early sunsets. Read on to find out the great specials we’ve got on six month memberships, and how you could win a bonus two months on us.

The RecCentre can come to the rescue to get you through the darker months. We’ve got an ace location (right on campus), with showers, towels and toiletries, and a fully equipped gym and plethora of group fitness classes.

Perhaps you can wangle a flexible lunchbreak to pop over and find 30 minutes to pump up the muscles, which will definitely pump up your thinking power when you head back to work. Or maybe an early morning workout, before you start work?

Whilst it might seem a bit drastic at first, that feeling you’ve ‘already knocked the bastard off’ (to paraphrase Sir Ed), can make you feel quite heroic for the rest of the day, knowing you can go home to the warm comfort of your home straight after work. Both of these times are great for those who like a quick workout, with fewer people around.

Whilst we are a busy gym, we are considerably quieter throughout the day, up until around 3pm. But, if after work suits you best, you’ll be met with a large range of classes to slot into from 4pm – 8pm most nights, and a variety of training spaces to choose from – just prepare mentally for the crowds!

So, if you’re not sure, contact us for free seven-day guest pass (it includes one epic spin class too) to try it out. There’ s no obligation, and there’s definitely no follow-up sales phone call that you can expect from other gyms. We believe we have fantastic services and equipment, and if it feels right for you, then you’ll just know. We also have a small private space within the centre that is sectioned off for women only time, a few hours a day.

How can you win an additional two months of membership? Easy. Anyone purchasing a six month membership from us in the promotional period (1 – 15 April, 2018) is automatically entered in the draw for a bonus two months added to their membership. Simple!

So, what are you waiting for?