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Top Five Tips to Help you Stick to your Exercise Plan

Recreation centre, various classes set up by staff for marketing services, 20.10.15 and 23.10.15 Client, Kat Henderson, Rec Centre.It’s getting colder, which invariably makes it even harder to stick to your exercise plan, especially if you’re a morning exerciser! BRRR! So what can you do to stick to your best laid plans and maintain your new healthy habits?

Here are my top five tips for success:

  1. Schedule your workout in your Outlook calendar, mark it out of office, and don’t break it. Ever. Prioritise you. You are more likely to be performing your best for your team, if you have taken care of your own health and wellness needs first.
  2. Find a workout buddy to keep you accountable. They’re relying on you to turn up and vice-versa. You can have your daily (or 3x weekly) catch-up over a workout instead of coffee (or do both!) It really is much more fun!
  3. Choose activities that you look forward to and have fun doing, not ones ‘I have to get through’. (See my earlier blog on ‘what exercise is right for me’. )
  4. Choose locations for exercise that are convenient to your home or work, or on your way home. It’s more likely you’ll keep your fitness appointment, if you don’t have to go out of your way.
  5. Keep a packed workout bag (including healthy snacks and extra socks) in the car or office to minimise excuses.

Recreation centre, various classes set up by staff for marketing services, 20.10.15 and 23.10.15 Client, Kat Henderson, Rec Centre.

And finally, don’t sweat the small stuff! For general health and fitness, just making sure you move every day, and more intensely 3-4x per week is what matters. It doesn’t matter if you train in the morning, afternoon or evening. Just make sure you do!

Happy exercising!
UC RecCentre

Check out the Bargain Box 2017 Group Fitness Challenge – an excellent way to stay motivated through winter.
See our website for more details  

Be Fit and Healthy for Spring

Spring is here….which means Summer is just around the corner.  What does that mean to you?  We may have had a wee break from our healthy selves for winter (or part of winter), or we may have soldiered on with rigid routine.  Everyone is different, which is something we celebrate over this side of the river.

Maybe you’ve got a special walk or outdoor activity or challenge  planned for the Christmas break, where it might just be a little bit easier if you were a little fitter, bendier, healthier, lighter or stronger?  The staff at the RecCentre are experts at helping you find a way to fit in the exercise you need to reach your goals, in the shortest time possible.  Gone are the days of 2-3 hours in the gym…new training methods means workouts can be fun, and they can be done in just 45mins!

We’ve got a great special on offer for the month of September for all UC Staff.  Join for 3months for just $109  – that’s the normal price – and we’ll gift you an extra month for free!   We’ll also throw in a free SteerMe personalised programme to get you on your way, valued at $25.

But wait, there’s more….all staff who join in September go in to the draw to win their membership back! (up to the value of a 3month membership only, $109).

So, what are you waiting for?  You can sign up online from your desk, or you can pop over and have a look around first.    Not sure?  Contact Kat Henderson for a free week pass to see if it’s for you.  So gather up your colleagues and come join our UC community gym.

For more information, see our website or give us a call.