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New! Computer Efficiency Website

Learning & Development have just launched a new website:

Being more efficient with your technology.

Simplify and enhance your work by adopting these quick wins. They will enable you to be significantly more efficient in your computer usage. For maximum impact, use as many as you can.

Adopt these favourite efficiency tips to simplify and enhance working on your computer


For great time-saving tips, look up our Archive of Tech Tips or look through the the Technology Information for Staff website.

You’ll find more learning at Learning and Development.

Not sure? AskUC

Have you noticed the new AskUC widget on the UC home page?

Appearing in the bottom right hand corner of your browser window, AskUC runs on the same platform as the library’s AskLive service and is being piloted until the end of December to test the effectiveness of live chat for the University.

An initiative spearheaded by Student Services Manager Trish Laurenson AskUC provides existing and prospective students with an alternative means of contact, outside of email and telephone.

Queries received so far have focused on enrolment and course selection, with the questions originating from across Aotearoa New Zealand as well as the United States, Canada, Singapore, India and Portugal.

In addition to the UC home page, AskUC will be available from:

Available from 8.30am – 5.15pm Monday to Friday, AskUC is currently staffed by the Contact Centre and Enrolment teams, with more teams coming on board soon.

To check it out for yourself, follow the button below.

How Do I …?

We all have times when we need to perform a task on our computer but we just don’t quite know how to do it! So what to do?

3 methods:

  1. Be wise, be quick: ask someone nearby. Share knowledge. This is team-building. There should be no shame in not knowing.
  2. Look up the Microsoft Knowledge Base. this is a great place to type in a question and find an easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedure. For example, “How do I use the Lookup function in Excel?” Click here.
  3. Ask Google! Just type your question in plain English into any search engine, eg, Google, and most times a suitable and successful answer will immediately come up. Whatever challenge you have before you, someone else has usually had before. Try it: click here.


Check out our Archive of Tech Tips – to check it out, click here, then hit the “End” key on your keyboard to jump to the end of the Archive list where the most recent Tips are.

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You’ll find more learning at Learning and Development