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Te Waka Pākākano – new name for Office of the AVC Māori, Pacific & Equity

We are pleased to announce the name of the Māori, Pacific and Equity portfolio, led by Dr Darryn Russell.  Formerly known as the Office of the AVC Māori it now includes a focus on Māori, peoples of the Pacific and equity, diversity and inclusiveness.

The new names for the unit, and for the AVC position are:

Te Waka Pākākano | Office of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor Māori, Pacific and Equity

Te Amokapua Pākākano | Assistant Vice-Chancellor Māori, Pacific and Equity

The narrative of the names is important.  Te Waka Pākākano is a seed carrying vessel; this reference is taken from a Ngāi Tahu ngeri, a chant for launching a waka or canoe, Terea te Waka, that tells of the voyage of the waka Uruao from its ancestral homelands to Te Waipounamu.  It refers to the dispersal of peoples through the Pacific, and by extension to all those who have come to make their home here in Te Waipounamu.

It also references the whakataukī: “E kore au e ngaro, he kākano i ruia mai i Rangi-ātea”; I will never disappear, a seed dispersed from Rangi-ātea, which honours the diverse origins of the members of the UC community, and our resilience to thrive.

The title for the role of AVC Māori, Pacific and Equity, Te Amokapua Pākākano, is based on the name of the unit.  At UC the term ‘amokapua’ is given to those leaders with the title Assistant Vice-Chancellor.

Launching soon – new online tool for anonymous reporting of harassment, discrimination and bullying

A sense of belonging is an important part of University life. UC is committed to developing a diverse, culture-rich and cooperative environment for everyone. At UC staff and students can expect safe working and learning conditions, free from harassment, bullying or discrimination. People should be treated in a respectful and equitable manner.

There are several important ways in which UC promotes behaviour that reflects our values, which include the Staff Code of Conduct, Student Code of Conduct and UC Raise a concern process.

We understand that for a variety of reasons staff and students may not always feel comfortable making a formal complaint via the Raise a concern process. So, as Professor Cheryl de la Rey Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Whakarae advised in a Statement on inclusiveness in March, UC has been working on Report It – a new online reporting tool that staff and students can use to anonymously report harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Report It provides an opportunity for concerns to be raised anonymously. The information provided via Report It will be used to inform future strategies and education initiatives that address behaviour and improve inclusiveness at UC.

Many universities here and overseas already use similar tools and UC has drawn from their experience. A number of UC teams have been consulted about the development of the tool including staff and student representatives from across the University on the Central Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee (CEDAC).

I encourage everyone to demonstrate inclusiveness through their attitudes and behaviour, to learn from feedback and to work together to build an even stronger and supportive community for all.

Ngā mihi,

Lynn McClelland
Executive Director Student Services and Communications
Kaihautū Matua Te Ratonga Ākonga me te Whakapā

More information
Further information, including FAQs, will be provided when the Report It tool is launched on Pink Shirt Day (Friday 17 May), a national initiative to address bullying in Aotearoa New Zealand.

An information session for UC staff about the Report It tool will be held on Monday 13 May. This is an opportunity to hear more about how Report It works and ask questions.

When: Monday 13 May, 11.30am – 12.30pm
Where: Rehua 226 Te Moana

A further information session may be held depending on the level of interest.

Pink Shirt Day
We encourage teams across UC to hold a Pink Shirt Day morning tea on Friday 17 May in staffrooms or other gathering spaces. Send your photos to communications@canterbury.ac.nz and we’ll showcase them in Intercom | Pā mai tō reo on 24 May.