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UC International College’s EER Result

In their most recent External Evaluation and Review (EER), NZQA has rated UC International College (UCIC) as a Category 1 provider in New Zealand. UCIC has been awarded ‘Highly Confident’ in Educational Performance and ‘Highly Confident’ in Capability in Self-Assessment. This is the highest possible rating that can be awarded and is an endorsement  of the excellent learning and teaching environment that UCIC strives to provide for its international students.

UCIC first opened its doors in October 2013 offering just one pathway programme through to the University of Canterbury. Less than six and half years later, UCIC has a suite of pathway programmes for international students, a Category 1 rating by NZQA, has acquired one of the oldest English Language schools in Christchurch, CCEL (also a Category 1 provider), and offers a truly embedded pathway model to one of Navitas’ highest ranking University Partners globally. UCIC offers four University Transfer Programmes (UTPs), a Foundation Studies Certificate and short Study Abroad options for International students.

UCIC would like to thank the University of Canterbury, all staff with whom we have had a collaborative relationship over the past number of years, particularly those who met with the NZQA evaluators as a part of the recent External Evaluation and Review process.

For more details, please refer to UCIC website www.ucic.ac.nz   


Tim Atkins visited us from TriVector Services in the USA.

Tim Atkins with his host and students

Where have you come from, and what do you teach?
I work at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama.  I develop avionics requirements, testing, and analyses for key components of NASA’s Artemis Program; and communicate NASA’s vision of space exploration to students in the US and NZ.

What interested you in the Erskine Programme/why did you want to come to UC?
My wife and I regularly visit our daughter, who lives in Christchurch with her husband and young daughter.  When I visited in early 2018, I contacted UC and offered to present information about NASA; Margaret Agnew enlisted me to present at the UC Connect forum then; afterwards, Dr. Chris Hann recommended me for an Erskine Fellowship to support the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering senior-level rocket design course.

What have you been doing at UC?
I lectured 3 hours weekly to an excellent group of young engineering students on rocket design parameters and trade-offs; NASA Systems Engineering approaches; and publicly-available Space Launch System technical information.  I also provided input to the UC Rocketry safety protocols for their launches, and participated in a test launch that served to train students on processes and safety checkpoints for a future Milly launch.  I also investigated future collaborations with some of my US colleagues and others here at UC.  Apart from UC, I communicated NASA’s vision to several primary, intermediate and secondary schools in Christchurch and Dunedin; I expect many of those students will pursue studies in Math and Science, that many of those will end up at UC, and – who knows? – perhaps some will work at NASA one day.

What have you most enjoyed about your time here at UC/Christchurch?
Time with family.
Beautiful New Zealand Spring weather.
Rugby – the local Canterbury team and the World Cup on TV.
Working with Dr. Hann, his brilliant students, and amazing support staff in the CoE, the UC Communications Office, and Erskine Office.

Distinguished Visiting Fellow: Professor Tim McCormack

New Zealand Law Foundation’s Distinguished Visting Fellow for 2018, Professor Tim McCormack will be visiting UC from Wednesday 2 – Monday 6 August.

Professor McCormack is Dean of the University of Tasmania Law School and a Professorial Fellow at the Melbourne Law School. He is also the Special Adviser on International Humanitarian Law to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague and a Director of World Vision Australia.

Next Monday, Professor McCormack is holding an event for UC staff: ‘The Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Operations’,

An international group of experts met under the auspices of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in the Estonian capital and drafted two Tallinn Manuals on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Operations.

The initiative was a proactive attempt to identify applicable law before there is a major cyber-attack on critical infrastructure with potentially devastating consequences.

Professor McCormack was a member of the international group of experts to draft the 2nd Tallinn Manual and he will discuss the drafting process, some of the most important findings in the Manual and the future significance of the Manual.

Celebrating Successful Enrol In Person Pilot

The new Enrol in Person process for international students led by the Student First Programme was put to the test last week, as international students arrived on campus to complete their enrolment ahead of Semester Two.

Students were welcomed by friendly UC volunteers and went on a campus walking tour while their documents were processed behind the scenes. Feedback captured so far points to a positive student experience on the enrolment days – they commented that the process was easy, they felt welcome and overall the enrolment days were less stressful and more enjoyable for both students and staff.

The Student First Programme team held a morning tea to acknowledge the hard work that went into making this pilot a success. In particular, we want to thank:

  • Student Volunteers for their energy, enthusiasm and dedication
  • The Enrolments and Student Care teams in creating such a seamless event and going above and beyond to ensure students were as prepared as possible for enrolments
  • Admissions for clearing “road-blocks” on enrolments and providing great support for our College colleagues who were swamped with Academic Review and Open Day
  • Dawn Miller-Mctaggart for her magic work on the data
  • Academic Managers and Student Advisers for juggling your busy schedules and doing your best to prepare students for enrolment. High-five!
  • Student Finance: being there with us and ensuring that the final all important step fit neatly into the process
  • AV Staff and Photographer: capturing the quality of the event is exciting and would be made so much harder without you
  • Comms Team: paving the way for trialling new ways of communicating with applicants as required

Reflecting on how far we have come since our review of the Enrol In Person process in March/April, what we achieved is a great example of what can be done by a small, determined group of individuals working collaboratively towards a common goal. This new process is a great step forward in transforming the student administration experience.

Watch this space for a full review and some great footage from the enrolment days, as well as further updates on how we’re continuing to work on the process for Enrolments 2019.

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Mobile Device Usage Guidelines For Travelling

Are you intending to travel and use your mobile device (aka smartphone, tablet or laptop)? Of course – these days you need to make a strong personal commitment not to do that!

But did you know that we have some very useful guidelines on travelling with mobile devices?

Mobile Device Usage Guidelines for UC Staff Who Travel

This webpage is intended to help staff maximise their usage of UC-issued mobile devices when travelling, while minimising costs to UC and avoiding unexpected and excessive expenses. It is a great guide for anyone travelling with their personal mobile devices too.

For more great time-saving tips, look up our Archive of Tech Tips.
The Technology Information for Staff website is a great go-to place for information too.

You’ll find more learning at Learning and Development.

Was this tip helpful to you? Anything else you want to know? Please leave a comment below.