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Longest serving Network Technician retiring

Learning Resources’ longest serving Network Technician Peter Cook is retiring after 22 years on the job. Chances are Peter patched your computer to the network at some time – possibly several times.

Peter started work at UC on 30 May 1996.

Many of you will remember Peter for his participation in various multi-disciplinary athletic endeavours, which included road running, cross-country, back-country,  cycling, swimming and kayaking.

More recently Peter and his wife Gaylene purchased a lifestyle block in North Canterbury where they now live and will no doubt keep Peter occupied in his retirement.

Peter will be farewelled at a morning tea on his last day on 11 August. His Learning Resources’ colleagues wish Peter and Gaylene all the best for the future and would like to thank Peter for all the work he has done to keep our network connected.

Follow You Printing update

IT Services rolled out Follow You printing to student-facing areas last year.  The staff from Ricoh and IT Services are currently working on a replacement plan to add Follow You capability to all current Card Scan Printers (also known as Multi-Functional Devices – MFDs).  Please note that departments will no longer need to create a Purchase Order for moving printers or Card Scan Printers, as this is now covered by ITS.

We have now updated the forms in our Self Service portal under the selection Print & Copy Services are:

Updated forms are:

  • Additional Print Service Request
  • Move printer/Card Scan Printers within a building
  • Print services no longer required

New forms are:

  • Printing Services Feedback
  • Problem with Printer / Card Scan Printers
  • Doctoral Printing Allowance

Removed forms are:

  • Unused Toner

Clive Keylard
Information Technology Services

UC Website Search

Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Web Team have replaced the UC website search with a new solution  called  Mind breeze. We are continuously working towards enhancing the search tool based on feedback as well improving the metadata on our current content pages.

If you have any feedback on improvements on the new search appliance, please log a request via https://assist.canterbury.ac.nz

Clive Keylard
Information Technology Services

New UC Event/Incident Reporting System

Goodbye paper pushing – Hello easy on-line reporting!

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an Accident/Incident/Near Miss or Discomfort Pain and Injury (DPI) during your workday, you need to report it to your Health and Safety Team.

This can now be done at the click of a button

If you have any questions about this new initiative please contact us. We would also love to hear your feedback.

Stay safe!

Health & Safety Team
Phone: 93636