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Press Enter!

Please…learn this tip. It’s agonising to watch people not doing this.

Any time you need to click an OK/Submit/Go button on your computer, this tip is going to save you effort and time!

So, you’ve just finished doing something on your computer, and you need to click the OK/Submit/Go button. Which of the following options is quicker, easier, and more efficient?

Option A: Reach out… find your mouse… move it to see where the cursor is on your monitor… move the mouse cursor to that OK/Submit/Go button… carefully, so you don’t miss… and… click it.


Option B: Press Enter.

Yes, you can just press the Enter key on your keyboard!
This has exactly the same result as clicking the OK/Submit/Go button with your mouse, but it is a lot simpler. And easier!

So next time you need to click an OK/Submit/Go button,

Note: some systems don’t respond to pressing Enter to activate the OK/Submit/Go button. On those systems you will still need to use the mouse.

Was this tip helpful to you? Anything else you want to know? Please leave a  comment below!

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Learning and Development

VOIP and Lync Phone Outage – Saturday 12 September

On Saturday 12 September, from 9.00am-11.00am,  there will be an outage to equipment supporting the phone system. For a short time during this period incoming and outgoing calls for both VOIP phones and Lync, may not complete and connected calls may be dropped.

IT Service Desk – your first point of contact for IT Services
Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
Self Service Portal: https://assist.canterbury.ac.nz/
Phone: 03 364 2060 or Extn 6060
All requests logged after hours will be attended to during business hours.

UC FMIS Refresh Project update

The UC FMIS Refresh Project is progressing on schedule and is targeted to go-live in early October 2015.  Project scope includes changes to IT infrastructure, some functionality, and integration with peripheral systems and related processes, which will help UC, move to a fully supported environment.

Key milestones

The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase, lead by Judy McKay, begun on 18 August and is planned to complete in mid-September.

End User training invites for Unimarket, scheduled for 28-19 September have been sent.

For updates please check the Project web site https://intranet.canterbury.ac.nz/fmisrefresh/

For further information or questions please contact the Project Manager, Reuben Hunt, reuben.hunt@canterbury.ac.nz.  Let him know if you would like to be added to his distribution list(s) for regular email communications.