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Kimihia te mea ngaro | Research Report out now

Released this week, Kimihia te mea ngaro | Research Report 2018 demonstrates the breadth of UC’s research with a selection of stories from across our extensive range of disciplines.

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UC is well known for its research reputation and although this is only a small selection, the excellence and quality of UC’s research can be seen through these stories from our activities during the 2018 year, with an emphasis on securing the future of food through food equity, food intelligence and food innovation.

See what Professor Michael Plank is doing to spread the load of balanced fisheries harvesting, and how Associate Professor Michaela Balzarova is using blockchain to establish fairer food prices for consumers and producers. Learn about the different perspectives on kaupapa Māori veganism or plant-based kai and ethics from doctoral student Kirsty Dunn, the biodegradable coating Associate Professor David Leung is developing to achieve food security, and understand what Dr Sarah Lovell found through observation of the community of Matuara following the closure of the local meatworks.

For more on these stories and many more, download the full publication (PDF, 5MB, 76 pages) or request your own hard copy of the beautifully presented publication here>