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Blue CLUES/Weaving the Rope: Courage in Challenging Times

Blue CLUES/Weaving the Rope: Courage in Challenging Times
Wed 24 June 10am-11.30am

Join a 90 minute virtual session that is relevant for all staff in our response to the current Covid-19 situation and beyond.
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Who is this for? All UC Staff!
People at all stages in their leadership journey that want to learn more about the four skill sets of courage: defining leadership and how to navigate vulnerability; leading with values; building trust; rising from setbacks. 

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Part of being constructive is about being courageous and having courageous conversations. If we can build capability around how to be courageous and provide an environment where this is encouraged then it will help shift us closer to our ideal organisational culture.

Courageous leadership has never been more vital than it is now
In this session, Kaila will draw on her training with the Dare to Lead™ curriculum, as well as her own extensive leadership experience, to share evidence-based leadership skills most relevant to the challenges posed by our current context.

This experience is for you if:

  • You are wondering what leadership looks like when our environment is uncertain
  • You want to know the key attributes of leaders who successfully deal with significant challenges
  • You are tasked with keeping people focused and moving forward even if you don’t know what direction to go in
  • You want to understand what it means to be a courageous leader in the face of sudden and dramatic disruption
  • You need your team and your organisation to be braver and more resilient than ever before

About Kaila Colbin:
Kaila is co-founder of Boma Global and CEO of Boma New Zealand.

She spearheaded the hugely successful SingularityU New Zealand and Australia Summits, introducing more than 2,500 people to exponential technologies and their impact on humanity. She trained with Brené Brown and is a Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator. She is also a co-founder and trustee of the non-profit Ministry of Awesome and a Director of CORE Education. Her purpose in life is to be an uplifting presence.

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Upcoming Robotics Process Automation workshop

The UC Robotics Process Automation team are happy to announce that the first one-day RPA workshop will be held on Wednesday 8 July.

This one-day workshop is offered by Price Waterhouse Cooper to enhance Robotic Process Automation awareness and capability using UiPath. The course is delivered over one day, during which attendees will be given an introduction into RPA development and capabilities, Agile development methodology and an overview of how to identify processes that are good candidates for RPA.
This workshop is designed to equip attendees with the foundational skills and understanding of RPA that will enable them to understand where they are best placed to contribute to RPA adoption at UC and to identify future personal development areas that will enable that contribution. These roles can be:

  • RPA Enthusiast / Change leader within teams
  • RPA Developer
  • RPA Implementation Manager

The format of this bootcamp suits anyone who has logical workflow thinking and is interested in become a “RPA Enthusiast”.

If you are interested in attending, please discuss this with your manager and then notify us of your interest.

For more information, please see the link for the L&D page for the bootcamp below: