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Learning and Development Training November

Are your meetings building morale and enhancing your team or department culture? Or are you frustrated by their inability to maximise the outputs of your department or team?

Chairing Effective Meetings provides each participant with practical insights and opportunities to develop more effective chairperson skills for semi-formal or formal meetings.
Monday 9th November

Communication Skills allows participants to reflect on their communication competence through interactive exercises and to employ practical tools they can integrate into their repertoire.
Thursday 12th November

To register – the form is on the webpage of each course

Not what you are looking for? Contact the L&D Team! learningdevelopment@canterbury.ac.nz

Ako Aotearoa workshops coming to Christchurch

Kia eke ki te taumata – Success for Māori in tertiary education

Facilitated by Tama Kirikiri of Ako Aotearoa

This workshop is designed for all educators who work with Māori learners. The main purpose is to introduce participants to kaupapa Māori (Māori values/principles) as a basis for good teaching practice for Māori learners. The workshop also provides an opportunity for participants to explore kaupapa Māori and connect to their own teaching context though reflection, discussion and practical activities.
Friday 30 October 9am – 4pm

Effective assessment of learning

Facilitated by Michael Few from Universal College of Learning

Assessment is an essential part of learning; it determines whether or not educational outcomes for students are being met. In this full-day workshop participants will develop their assessment design skills, understand the qualities of good assessments, critically analyse case studies, and apply those qualities to assessing the learning outcomes in their teaching.
Tuesday 17 November 9am – 4pm

For any queries contact the L&D Team

Resize a program window to fit half your screen

This is a fantastic Windows 7 feature that quickly resizes a window to fit half your computer screen.
Display two windows side by side in this way to compare their contents or to drag text, objects and files from one window to the other.

1. Click the top bar of a window and attempt to drag it off one side of your screen. Keep dragging until your mouse pointer hits the edge of the screen (drag it as if you’re trying to drag it off the screen).
Then release your mouse.
– The window “snaps” to the side of the screen.

2. Click the top bar of another window and attempt to drag it off the other side of the screen. Again, keep dragging until your mouse pointer hits the edge of the screen.
– The window “snaps” to the side of the screen.

A few helpful tips here:
– Drag a window away from the screen edge to return it to its previous size.
– You can have 4 windows side by side if you have two screens (but you have to use the keyboard shortcut for this setup – see below).
– The keyboard shortcut for this is Windows/Start key + left or right arrow key.

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Learning and Development

Health and safety training – coming up

Coming up in  October and November 2015

Places are still available on the following sessions:

Fire Warden Training – 8 October (2 hours)
Ergonomic Assessor Training – 9 October (3 hours)
Fire Extinguisher Training – 13 October (3 hours)
First Aid Comprehensive – 21-22 October (2 days)
Safety Conversations (3 Modules) 2 hour sessions on 29 October, 2 November and 5 November

For more information and to enrol or waitlist for any 2015 Health & Safety training workshops, please see the Health & Safety Information and Training Intranet

Use a different Out of Office Reply for senders outside UC

Most of us know how to switch on Out of Office Replies, and even how to do so days or weeks early so that it kicks in automatically.  But do you know that you can specify one reply for messages from within UC, and a different reply for messages from outside UC, or even none at all?

We will usually give more detail in our internal replies than to those outside the University.

In Outlook, when you set up your Automatic Replies (>File>Automatic Replies):

  1. Switch on Send automatic replies, and specify a date range if desired.
  2. Click the Outside My Organization tab.
  3. Click the check box for Auto-reply to people outside my organization.
  4. Enter your Out of Office message for people outside the University.
    NOTE: If you wish to use the same message you’ve used for Inside My Organization, for recipients outside your organisation, simply copy your message from Inside My Organization and paste it into the Outside My Organization message area using Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste).
  5. Click the OK button.

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