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Use a different Out of Office Reply for senders outside UC

Most of us know how to switch on Out of Office Replies, and even how to do so days or weeks early so that it kicks in automatically.  But do you know that you can specify one reply for messages from within UC, and a different reply for messages from outside UC, or even none at all?

We will usually give more detail in our internal replies than to those outside the University.

In Outlook, when you set up your Automatic Replies (>File>Automatic Replies):

  1. Switch on Send automatic replies, and specify a date range if desired.
  2. Click the Outside My Organization tab.
  3. Click the check box for Auto-reply to people outside my organization.
  4. Enter your Out of Office message for people outside the University.
    NOTE: If you wish to use the same message you’ve used for Inside My Organization, for recipients outside your organisation, simply copy your message from Inside My Organization and paste it into the Outside My Organization message area using Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste).
  5. Click the OK button.

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Learning and Development

If you work directly with Students, this course is for you!

The first round of Dealing With Students in Crisis – Module One, has been so popular – we have had to run it again next week!

Want to learn how to help our Students when they need it?
Register for Psychological First Aid & Applying the Te Whare Tapa Whā Model  (Module 1 – October 2nd)
Its a good deal…
You’ll get to learn from an amazing facilitator &
hear from our Student Development Team
The best part is…You won’t have to pay a cent!

What if you have completed the first Module?
Do you want to learn more?
There are a further Two Modules you can do!
Go on…register for Modules Two, and/or Three on the L&D Webpage. (October 1st)

Contact the L&D Team if you want to know anything further

Email an open file from Microsoft Office programs

This is a repeat, but I still encounter staff who are overjoyed to discover that you can email a file directly from Word, Excel, PowerPoint… in fact, any Microsoft Office program.

This is very useful when you have finished working on a  file and wish to email it – a much quicker (and simpler) option that opening a new Outlook message and attaching the file to it.

  1. Ensure you have the file open  (as you will if you are working on it).
  2. Click the Email button on the  Quick Access Toolbar.


A new email displays, with the file attached to it.

  1. Complete and send the Email message.

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Learning and Development

Press Enter!

Please…learn this tip. It’s agonising to watch people not doing this.

Any time you need to click an OK/Submit/Go button on your computer, this tip is going to save you effort and time!

So, you’ve just finished doing something on your computer, and you need to click the OK/Submit/Go button. Which of the following options is quicker, easier, and more efficient?

Option A: Reach out… find your mouse… move it to see where the cursor is on your monitor… move the mouse cursor to that OK/Submit/Go button… carefully, so you don’t miss… and… click it.


Option B: Press Enter.

Yes, you can just press the Enter key on your keyboard!
This has exactly the same result as clicking the OK/Submit/Go button with your mouse, but it is a lot simpler. And easier!

So next time you need to click an OK/Submit/Go button,

Note: some systems don’t respond to pressing Enter to activate the OK/Submit/Go button. On those systems you will still need to use the mouse.

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Type on a Samsung Galaxy S4 using Macrons

We talked about Using Macrons on an iPhone or iPad, back on the 14  August.

For all you Samsung users, now’s your turn.
Here’s how you type on a Samsung Galaxy S4 using Macrons.

(I’m referring to the Samsung Galaxy S4 here, but the concept should be the same for other Samsung models. Yes, I’m an iPhone user.)

Macrons are an important part of writing te reo Māori accurately. They indicate vowel length. Vowel length can change meaning.
Want to know more?http://www.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz/english/resources_e/index.shtml

To enable a Macron when you’re typing on a Samsung Galaxy S4:

  1. When you’re typing, hold down the key for the character that requires a macron.
    – A small gallery appears, showing different accent examples for that character.
  2. Choose the example with the macron.
    – That character is inserted into your text, with a macron.
  3. Carry on typing.
  4. Repeat this process preceding each character that requires a macron.

NOTE: If you find you are missing the option for ō, install and set up the Google keyboard.

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