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Moodle & Online Teaching Workshops

If you’ve got an idea about your course, want to build it with student’s engagement features, or simply interested in finding out more about Moodle, these recurring workshops are designed to respond to the academic staff requests and focus on four areas:

Tuesdays    @ 9:00am        Online Assessment
Tuesdays    @ 12:00pm     Online Course Design
Thursdays @ 9:00am        Increase engagement & interaction
Thursdays @ 12:00pm     Drive Moodle like a “PRO”

All four workshops are practical and hands-on sessions facilitated by Mushtak Dawood, Flexible Learning Advisor,  eLearning Support Team. Sessions will take place in the DEN, level 2 Puaka-James Hight building (except sessions on 26 Sept and  5 Oct).

URL: http://canterbury.libcal.com/calendar/teaching_online for session schedule. Meanwhile, please post your questions to our live virtual forum here.

Te Reo Māori Translations for LEARN

To celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori –  Māori Language Week 2017, The Library’s i-Tautoko | e-Learning Support Team and Te Tari o te Amokapua Māori | Office of the AVC Māori have worked together to create te reo Māori translations for  AKO | LEARN.

This is a growing resource and we plan to expand the Māori language interface going forward.

Te reo Māori can be selected from the menu at the top of AKO | LEARN.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.52.36 PM

The default language can be permanently set within your AKO | LEARN user preferences.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.57.49 PM Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.58.10 PM

Deletion of hidden files in Learn

Currently there are 24,000 file resources on Learn which have been hidden (unavailable to students) for three years or more.

These files were uploaded before the copyright compliance tool was completed and hence hold a considerable but unknown risk of non-compliance with current copyright law and licenses, as they can be unhidden, which makes them reportable and available to students in Learn courses.

Therefore all hidden files that have not been accessed for three years or more will be deleted.  The deletion of these files will commence on the week of 25 July.  If you do want to keep these files then if you ‘unhide’ them they will not get marked for deletion.

If you have any questions, please contact E-Learning Support

Copyright Management Project update

The Copyright Management Project work is progressing well.

All academic departmental heads have been contacted about the provision of material outside Learn and how to maintain copyright compliance. Library staff are now working directly with selected academics to make sure their content is provided to students via Learn and in a copyright compliant way.

New copyright guidance instructions are available: http://library.canterbury.ac.nz/teach/e-linking-module/index.html

This provides step by step instructions on how to provide copyright material within Learn, plus background and further help.

Copyright FAQs have also been updated: http://library.canterbury.ac.nz/teach/faq.shtml

Work has begun on creating the required functionality to make sure reporting to Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ). It is expected this will be tested and released in March.

If you have any comments or would like to speak to the project team, please contact Emma de Lacey: emma.delacey@canterbury.ac.nz