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UC School of Music Composition Workshop with Jeremy Mayall

Jeremy Mayall is a Composer/Producer/Performer originally from Hamilton and is extremely pleased to be the current Mozart Fellow at Otago University.

He regularly works in a range of musical genres as both composer and performer. Jeremy is interested in writing for odd combinations of sounds, particularly fusing pre-recorded sound with live performance, and has most recently been exploring the world of cross-genre hybridity. His Symphony No.1 for orchestra and turntables is the first orchestral symphony to feature turntablism as a part of its composition, and the piece has received numerous readings and performances by orchestras around NZ. Read more…

  • Date: Monday 28 September 2015, 03:30PM to 28 September 2015, 05:00PM
  • Location: Recital Room 205, UC School of Music, Ilam Campus