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Pilot of new Lecture Capture system

In preparation for the 2018 implementation of UCs new lecture capture solution, a pilot of the new system will be conducted in Semester Two 2017.

Fourteen academics teaching into six courses (EDUC315, ENCH396, HSRV204, CLAS220, TECP122 and TECP212) and their students will pilot the solution with support provided by the eLearning and AV teams. These courses were chosen because they are all taught in a particular location where the new equipment has been installed.

Training for all staff and students using the new system will be offered prior to the start of Semester 1 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact the Flexible Learning Advisor for your college.

New thinking for new spaces

This year for the first time, UC Teaching Week will feature a guest speaker, Professor Denise Kirkpatrick, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) from the University of Western Sydney on Friday 9 June.

denise imagesProfessor Kirkpatrick has worked as an academic and senior leader and manager in La Trobe, Adelaide and Monash universities in Australia and at the Open University in the United Kingdom. She researches and publishes in the fields of open, distance and e- learning, and quality in higher education.

Her visit to UC comes at a time when the new Rutherford Regional Science and Innovation Centre is not far away from opening, a change she has experienced herself as the University of Western Sydney recently opened a $220.5 million flagship campus in the Parramatta CBD, part of the largest urban renewal project in Australia. She will talk about how the incorporation of technologies into the new spaces has provided flexible and responsive support for student interaction and communication. She will give insights into how teaching and learning approaches have adapted and the evolution of staff and student’s professional skills and knowledge.

She says: “The world is changing and there is greater expectation that participants in all types of social ventures will play more active roles in shaping the nature and content of those activities… An outcome of positive student engagement should be the optimisation of the student experience – the extent to which learning outcomes are achieved, the sense of affiliation that a student develops for his/her institution, and the extent to which a student feels that he or she is truly part of the community of the university.”

Professor Kirkpatrick’s presentation will be part of a larger Blue Skies technology showcase. Staff attending will be given the opportunity to enter a draw to win an Apple TV.