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Timeline of construction activities – NEB site

A timeline of construction activities has been developed for the NEB building (next to the Central Lecture Theatres/opposite the Geography building). The timeline outlines what levels and types of noise to expect at each stage of construction.

Structural work is currently being carried out on the building and is expected to continue until August/September this year.

The project team is aware the noise generated during structural work can be disruptive for those working in surrounding buildings.

Concrete cutting activities are generating significant noise and where possible these will be carried out before 9am and after 5pm on week days. Between 9am and 5pm on week days there will be intermittent construction noise as per the construction activity timeline.

For more information contact Alan Palmer, Project Manager.

Noise at Work
Take a look at our previous post outlining options available to staff when noise levels negatively impact the work environment.

Below – an Artist’s impression of the exterior of the NEB building.

14-41_150805_NEB_PD_Exterior Perspective SW_AAL smaller