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Warehouse lecture theatre early works

Early works on the Warehouse Lecture Theatre  will begin on Monday 30 October under a tight schedule to ensure the theatres are ready for start of the first semester 2018. The schedule is as follows:

Early works – 30 Oct

  • Removal of Trees
  • Excavation of soils to make paths
  • Excavation to do some isolated foundation concrete works

Full construction to begin – 8 Nov 2018

  • Inside demolition of the warehouse – internal only
  • Internal concrete noise buffered by being inside the warehouse
  • Standard interior concrete and steel upgrade works
  • Interior fit-out works

None of these works are expected to impact on any examination locations because of the isolated location of the warehouse and interior nature of the work.

If you are at all concerned however, please email Project Manager David Wong.

Start of works on von Haast building

On 24 July the University will hand the von Haast building over to Dominion Constructors Ltd for demolition, and erection of hoardings around the site will begin.

There has been a change to the programme that was advised late last year. Demolition will now proceed from the southern to the northern end. This is to enable the contractors to gain access to the foundations at the south end of the building as soon as possible to enable early installation of the timber frame.

There will inevitably be noisy works during the demolition phase that may impact in different ways upon staff and students in the vicinity, however we are working with the contractors to ensure these impacts cause as little disruption and inconvenience as possible. We have produced a timeline of demolition and construction activities to indicate what can be expected, and when. During exam periods, we will work closely with the exam teams and the main contractor to ensure noise is reduced.

As demolition proceeds, dust will be managed on site with water as required, however it is unavoidable that some noise and vibration will be felt by those in the immediate area. If you find yourself adversely affected by noise, please consult the Health and Safety options for managing ‘Noise at Work.

As we move through the demolition phase into construction of the new building, there will be changes to pedestrian routes around the site in three stages. These can be viewed on-line here, but rest assured that north-south access will be maintained at all times throughout the project.

This represents an exciting milestone for the University as we begin work on the central building that will draw together all the elements of our magnificent new Science precinct. A process that began with construction of the new Biological Sciences building pre-earthquake, followed by refurbishment of the old Zoology building and culminating most recently, with construction of the soon-to-be completed RRSIC building at the centre of campus.

When this new Stage 2 building is completed, more than $300 million will have been invested in the precinct from University funds, Crown Capital contribution and insurance settlements, and we look forward to producing many future scientists of the same calibre as those UC has produced in the past.

You can find more details of the new building here>

UCSA demolition update – noisy work

The final phase of the UCSA building demolition is now under way. This involves breaking up the concrete foundation and removing ground services.

Between now and the end of November the UCSA site will be noisy due to the use of excavators, hydraulic jack hammers and compactors. Those located in buildings near the UCSA site may also experience some ground vibrations.

For more information see the UCSA demolition timeline or if you have any concerns please contact David Wong, UCSA Demolition Project Manager – email david.wong@canterbury.ac.nz

UCSA demolition update, upcoming noisy work

The UCSA building demolition project is progressing well, with the east end of the building currently being deconstructed to ground level.

The next phase of demolition will then start, which involves breaking up the concrete foundation and removing ground services (water pipes etc).

This work is expected to be noisy due to the use of excavators, hydraulic jack hammers and compactors. (See the UCSA Demolition timeline for an outline of activities.)

The noisiest periods will be between:

  • now and mid-October
  • 14 November and 30 November.

Staff and students located in buildings near the UCSA site may also experience some light ground vibrations during these times.

A noise simulation study was recently carried out and as a result all significant noisy activities, specifically breaking concrete foundations, will stop during the exam period between 24 October and 10 November.

Further information and advice
For further information, or if you have any specific concerns, please contact UCSA Demolition Project Manager, David Wong for advice.  Email – david.wong@canterbury.ac.nz  



Noisy work – NEB site

Noisy work is currently underway on the NEB site and is expected to continue between 8am and 5pm until Wednesday 11 May. Sheet piling work is being carried out for excavation in the basement of the building.

The noise will be a low vibrating rumble but is expected to be loud. It will be intermittent and it is expected that there will be noisy periods of approximately 15 minutes followed by 30 minutes of no noise. People using the Geography and Forestry buildings are most likely to be impacted.

The project team is aware the noise generated during this work can be disruptive for those working in surrounding buildings and apologises for any inconvenience.

For more information, or if you have any concerns, contact Alan Palmer, Project Manager.