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Ernest Rutherford official opening – parking

The official opening of Ernest Rutherford, the first of two Rutherford Regional Science and Innovation Centre buildings to be completed, will take place at 3.45pm on Thursday, 15 February 2018.

The event will see large numbers of VIPs and invited guests on campus to help us mark this significant milestone. To accommodate this, the Science Road car park will not be available for staff  parking on this day.  Because lectures will not yet have started, we do not envisage difficulties in locating alternate parking.

Staff will still be able to access fleet vehicles in the usual way, childcare drop offs and pick ups will operate as normal and the Security Office will remain accessible. 

Providing sufficient parking for our guests, closest to the event location, is just part of hosting our supporters on campus, and we apologise for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Michael Oliver
Manager Campus Services

Parking discounts discontinued

The practice of discounting monthly parking permits has ceased.

This practice was due to confusion about the new system of issuing permits and was in breach of the University parking regulations. UC Security staff selling parking permits have no delegated authority to change parking fees, which are set by the University Council.