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UC Parking charges for 2016

I’ve previously advised UC staff of a proposal to the University Council to increase parking charges by 15% for next year, 2017 and 2018. This has been discussed at staff forums and posted in Intercom.

This proposal was revised at the committee stage, and the Council yesterday agreed to raise parking charges by 15% for next year only, with further analysis to be carried out to inform any further changes beyond 2016.

In 2016 annual staff parking permits will cost $455 and annual student parking permits will cost $304. Day parking charges will be $8, and Pay and Display charges will be  $3 per hour. Existing payment options will continue to be available.

Dr Rod Carr


Te Tumu Whakarae

Parking proposal

A proposal to increase campus parking charges aims to recover costs and encourage the use of alternative forms of transport, while not using tuition or research funding to subsidise parking costs.

The University Council has yet to approve a proposed 15% increase in on campus parking charges for each of the next three years to contribute to the lifetime cost of required roading and car park maintenance on campus.

It costs about $7000 to maintain a car park over a 15-year lifespan. The revised charges will raise an additional $1 million dollars over the next three years, and will meet maintenance costs, rather than raising an additional amount. The alternative was to subsidise parking from other University funds, including research and tuition income.

If confirmed, the change would mean:

  • annual staff  and student parking permits will increase in 2016/17/18
  • annual staff  parking permits will increase in 2016 to $455, annual student parking permits to $304
  • day parking charges will increase by 50 cents to $8, and Pay and Display charges will increase by 50 cents  per hour to $3.

The proposal also recommends:

  • that parking permits will apply for the full calendar year, meaning no free parking on campus over the summer holiday break
  • the permit system be simplified, allowing annual, six monthly, quarterly and monthly permits.

The University is aware of the community’s views on parking – and that increasing charges may be perceived by some as worsening the on-street parking situation around the UC campus. The University is unable to reduce fees and does not believe a significant reduction in campus parking fees will do much to improve the on-street parking situation. It remains committed to promoting residents parking permits as the best option for ensuring on street parking for residents.