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Course Coordinators can review notes from Peer Notetakers

Along with other changes this year, the Disability Resource Service (DRS) has swapped to using Learn as a hub, where students receiving peer notetaking can download their lecture notes. A page called ‘Disability Resource Service – Peer Notetaking’ has been set up for this purpose and Course Coordinators now have access to this page.

Ensuring that students with disabilities receive access to high quality lecture notes is a priority for DRS. Course Coordinators are invited to review the notes from their course/s in Learn and provide feedback on the quality to: disabilities@canterbury.ac.nz.

Disability Resource Service

Peer Notetaking Update

As you may be aware, UC’s Disability Resource Service (DRS) has implemented a new system of notetaking this year. Known as peer notetaking, the change involves DRS seeking out motivated and capable students enrolled in courses where notetaking is needed and contracting them in order to purchase copies of their notes. Those notes are then provided to students registered with DRS who experience difficulties taking notes for themselves for disability-related reasons.

Like the old method of casual staff notetaking, peer notetaking is an anonymous service, and neither the students receiving the notes nor the peer notetakers themselves are told who the other is. In doing this, DRS aims to ensure that students with disabilities have equal opportunity and access to academic success through reasonable accommodations, while also achieving significant cost savings.

How this change affects lecturers

Because peer notetaking isn’t covered by existing agreements between UC and lecturers in relation to lecturers’ intellectual property rights, DRS is seeking the consent of lecturers to allow peer notetaking in their classrooms.

If you are a UC lecturer, please either provide or decline your consent for peer notetaking at the online form here.

Where to find more information

More information about what peer notetaking is, why consent is needed, and what alternative arrangements are made in cases where lecturers do not wish to give consent can be found on the DRS intranet page here.

If you would like to discuss peer notetaking with someone from DRS before making a decision, this can be indicated on the online form as well.