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GradFest 2018

Spring Gradfest is designed to help postgraduate students navigate their thesis journey, as well as meet other postgraduates at UC. Please encourage your students to attend.

What’s Gradfest? A week of free seminars, workshops, and social events especially for postgrad students on such topics as

  • The research ethics approval process
  • How to give a research presentation
  • Managing stress
  • Preparing for the Oral exam
  • The publication process and more

When’s Gradfest? Monday 29 October to Friday 2 November 2018.

View the programme and register here>

New representation model for postgraduate students

A new representation model has been adopted by the UCSA and UC PGSA to ensure better representation for postgraduate students.

The purpose of the UCSA Postgraduate Advisory Group is to ensure postgraduate students have a consistent voice within the UCSA and the University on matters affecting them. The representation model has been endorsed by the Senior Management Team (SMT) as a way for UCSA and UC PGSA to support and represent postgraduate students more effectively in future.

The UCSA Postgraduate Advisory Group will be chaired by the UCSA President and include the UCSA Postgraduate Representative, President | Te Akatoki Tumuaki or delegate, 1-3 postgraduate appointee(s)/representative(s) from each of the five Colleges and any further representatives of the postgraduate student body as appointed by the UCSA President.

If you have any questions please contact UCSA President James Addington on president@ucsa.org.nz or UCSA Postgraduate Representative Thomas Gillman on postgraduate@ucsa.org.nz

Printing allowance for postgraduate students

Some questions about the printing allowance for postgraduate students have been raised recently. The points below clarify the current policy.

Current printing allowance

  • All doctoral students get a $90 credit for printing at the beginning of their studies. This equates to about 3,000 black and white pages.
  • Any unused credit is rolled over each year, subject to any changes that are made as a result of consultation (see below), until that credit is used, or the PhD completes, whichever occurs first.
  • At this stage there is no plan for an annual top up.
  • 3,000 pages should cater for the needs of the vast majority of students. It is informed by analysis of actual usage, plus a solid additional margin.
  • If students suspend their study temporarily this does not impact their printing credit.

    Concerns about the credit not being available to Masters or other non-PhD postgraduate students have been noted. Doctoral students are explicitly covered  because UC has a formal policy relating to them: Provision of Resources Policy – Support for Doctoral Students (130KB, Version 2.01, PDF)

Next steps

  • UC will monitor usage by non-doctoral postgraduate students to ascertain the needs across this group and determine whether a policy should also be developed to cover them.
  • Consultation will occur in 2017 through the Postgraduate Working Group to determine the approach for 2018 and beyond.
  • An Interim Postgraduate Working Group comprising the PGSA President, UCSA President, the UCSA Postgraduate representative the Executive Director Student Services and Communications, the Dean of Postgraduate Research and Senior Advisor – Student Experience, has been established. It is the intention that in 2017, the Interim Working Group membership will be augmented by a postgraduate representative from each College. A key objective of the Working Group is to review current postgraduate representation models and propose a more comprehensive approach.

If students have concerns about the printing policy specifically please raise your concerns via http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/concerns/   

Alex Hanlon, Executive Director Learning Resources | Kaihautū Matua Rauemi Ako                                       

Lynn McClelland, Executive Director, Student Services & Communications | Kaihautū Te Ratonga Ākonga me te Whakapā


Information for prospective graduate and postgraduate students

16 Postgrad_cover_thumbnail

The 2016 Postgraduate Prospectus is now available in print or online. This provides relevant information for all students considering postgraduate study at UC, including details of programmes and subjects by area, entry requirements, resources and staff expertise, scholarships and admissions. Print copies will be mailed to all final year undergraduate UC students after the holidays. The contact centre and helpdesk are also well stocked for enquiries. UC staff can order copies using the intranet request form.

View the 2016 Postgraduate Prospectus here.

Please note that UC is also running a university-wide postgraduate information evening for prospective students on Monday 21 September in the NZi3 foyer from 5.15-7:00pm. If you wish to get involved with this event, please contact events@canterbury.ac.nz