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UC’s Online Survey Policy Simplified

Learning Evaluation and Academic Development (LEAD; formerly Academic Services Group) have recently reviewed and revised the University’s survey policy.

The Student Community Online Survey Policy aims to protect against survey fatigue, and minimise overlap of data collected. It also helps to ensure compliance with ethics guidelines and privacy legislation. Additionally, student and survey data remains secure by use of the University’s Qualtrics survey software.

Key updates include:

  • Simplification in procedure
  • The policy applies only to Student Community; staff-based surveys are exempt
  • Significant membership group applies to survey distributions greater than 200 individuals, down from 500
  • The Survey Reference Group has been dissolved and replaced with a simple online screening tool
  • Overall less restriction/bottlenecking for surveying

All parties interested in any student surveying should fill out their intentions in the online screening tool.

Click here for Qualtrics support.

Please contact LEAD at surveys@canterbury.ac.nz with any questions.

Issues with your Qualtrics surveying account?

Recently several students and staff members have experienced issues with their Qualtrics survey software accounts, in particular around access of collected data, or needing additional account permissions. Many of these issues result from people creating Qualtrics accounts on qualtrics.com, rather than through the UC licensed Qualtrics Software at https://canterbury.qualtrics.com.

UC can only provide administrative support for accounts that are created via the UC licensed Qualtrics Software.

How do I create a Qualtrics account?
Visit https://canterbury.qualtrics.com and select “Don’t have an account?” to create your account.

Note that since Qualtrics is not part of UC, your UC username and password will not work.

How do I make sure I’ve created my account under UC’s Qualtrics license?
Once you are logged into your Qualtrics account, select the account icon in the top right corner. Beneath your name, it will say where your account is affiliated; if it says University of Canterbury, your account is within the UC Qualtrics license.

If it says Qualtrics Sharing or QTrial, this indicates your account was made as a free account on a generic Qualtrics webpage, and thus is not affiliated with UC. We will not be able to increase permissions, and we do not recommend surveying from this free account, as you will have issues extracting data and sending out multiple survey mailings.

What to do if I’ve accidentally created an account on Qualtrics.com, and it’s not affiliated with UC?
If you created a free Qualtrics account on Qualtrics.com, we cannot increase permissions or provide access to features that you would have under the UC Qualtrics license. Thus, we highly recommend that you initiate a User Move by contacting Qualtrics 24/7 Support at +64 9 887 3168 or support@qualtrics.com.

Please also contact UC Qualtrics system administrator Elyse Thompson at elyse.thompson@canterbury.ac.nz as Qualtrics needs to verify your right to access the UC licence. 

A Qualtrics User Move can take anywhere from a few days, to several weeks, so we recommend initiating this process as soon as possible, as we cannot speed up this process at UC’s end.

Click here to find out more about UC Qualtrics