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Special prize in Tech Jumpstart 2017

Tech Jumpstart is all about creating value from innovation. It gives UC academic staff the chance to transform their innovative ideas into reality, with up to five projects receiving $20,000 funding over six months to help with technology development, as well as commercialisation support from Research and Innovation.

Tauranga-based Technology Incubator WNT Ventures is offering a special prize for the 2017 Tech Jumpstart competition, for the project that shows the most commercial promise. Intercom asked Carl Jones from WNT about WNT’s involvement.

What encourages WNT ventures to support this initiative?
This is the second year that WNT Ventures has supported UC Tech Jump Start and we are pleased to be involved again.  We see this event as a wonderful opportunity to help support scientific entrepreneurs and academics take their ideas and research closer towards commercial outcomes. We work very much on a partnership basis and we see this as being an extension of that ethos.  We couldn’t do what we do without the great ideas created within the University of Canterbury and we aim to bring some real value alongside hopefully improving everyone’s knowledge along the way.

What advice would you give to anyone considering entering this competition?
If you are seeking to achieve a commercial outcome, understand the market need early and what problem or pain you are solving and who is the most willing to pay for it right away.  If possible, develop knowledge around the economics of the concept, ie, how much might someone be willing to pay for it, how many potential customers are there, and how much does it cost to produce?

What has excited you about the outcomes of past Tech Jumpstart competitions?
There have been some fantastic ideas over the years in such a broad range of sectors and it is that which interests us most.  We observe some real areas of strength, but the ones from last year that turned out to be the strongest were some of the ones that we least expected.

Find out more about Tech Jumpstart and enter before 4 August 2017

Opportunity for students to help Kaikōura

The UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) has a new opportunity for students—the NZTA Kaikōura Challenge.

Since the earthquakes of 2016, visitation numbers to Kaikōura have dropped drastically—and for a region heavily dependent on visitors—this poses a significant threat to the economic and social well-being of the residents and their businesses.

Taking place from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 May, the Challenge brings teams of students together from across the University with local and regional experts and mentors. Students will work with local business owners, residents and officials to develop strategies to help the community safeguard against losing their livelihoods by increasing visitor numbers to the area.

This opportunity is open to all current UC students from all levels and areas of study. However, it may be of particular interest to students in the following areas:

  • Anthropology
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Global Humanitarian Engineering
  • Marine and Coastal Biology
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental Science
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Māori and Indigenous Studies
  • Media and Communications
  • Natural Resources Engineering
  • Retail Marketing
  • Social Work

If you know any students who would be interested in this Challenge, please forward this information on or direct them to the UCE website. Applications are now open and are closing at 12pm (noon) on Friday the 12 May. Students can apply by completing the online application form.

Additionally, if you are an academic with expertise that may be beneficial to the cause and would like to get involved in this competition, contact Michelle Panzer at michelle.panzer@canterbury.ac.nz ext. 93404