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UC & UCSA staff Winter Membership Sale

Are you looking for a boost?  Exercise is a natural way to boost your immunity, happy hormones and energy levels. For a limited time, boost your wellbeing at the RecCentre at even more bargain prices!

BAT class at UC RecCentre
A BAT class at the UC RecCentre – Butts, Abs & Thighs
Top Tips to create and keep an exercise habit 
  1. Do something you enjoy.  The RecCentre offers a range of activities – sport, climbing, gym, and classes. Give us a try at no risk, UC staff can try a free 14-day trial pass whilst it’s just $25 for others. 
  2. Exercise with a friend. There are so many reasons why – it’s more fun, you’re more likely to stick at it, and you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals.      
  3.  Location is key!  Find one that that will fit your lifestyle, usually near home or work.  Check out this handy guide from the Ministry of Health on how to choose a gym.
Winter membership sale exclusively for UC and UCSA staff 

If you give us a try (and do try us at the time you think you’ll come along most often) and like it, we have a range of discounted memberships for staff all year round.  And from Aug 3rd to Aug 30th 2020, you can get your hands on a fabulous winter sale price as well!  You could save up to $100 on your membership fee and grab yourself two free zone class passes. Check out the details on our website. 

If you’ve got any questions, be it membership or exercise related, just give us a call or email kat.henderson@canterbury.ac.nz 

Be well! 
UC Rec&Sport 

RecCentre to continue booking system as trial

The RecCentre has seen some great uptake over our first few weeks, in Level 2.  The booking system was necessary to manage capacity and spacing, and we’ve had much feedback from our members requesting that we keep the booking system!

male staff member helping female client with ipad
Customer Experience Rep helping a member with online signup

Combating overcrowding & improving accountability

It turns out, that many of you loved the accountability and structure it provided for your day, even those who struggle with routine.  The knowledge that there was going to be adequate space for you in the class or in the gym to train was also a positive.   We know it can get overcrowded, especially at peak times and with our popular instructors!   But, you also told us that a little more flexibility was needed.    This was true for both group fitness classes and the fitness centre.

Booking system trial will continue – as a trial

We will continue with the booking system for classes and peak times in the fitness centre, on a trial basis, until no later than 13th July.

We’ll keep tweaking it, based on our observations and your feedback until we arrive at something that meets all of our needs.  If it’s successful, we will implement as a permanent feature, as we’re confident it will improve your experience with us.

What are the main changes?
  • Bookings are essential  for the Fitness Centre (main weights room), during peak times only (Monday- Friday 6am – 10am & 4pm – 8pm )
  • You don’t need to book if you want to come outside those times, or if you don’t want to use the Fitness Centre (eg hoops, boxing)
  • Bookings are essential for all Group Fitness classes
  • You can cancel right up to 15mins before your time/class starts, so if something comes up, just delete your booking in the app
  • If you decide to spontaneously go exercise, just check your app and see if there is space in the class or session.  If htere is, book in and head over.  If there isn’t, you’ve just saved yourself a trip (and time) so you can replan.

Please head over to our our COVID-19 Updates page for all the details on how things have changed.  You still use your Rec&Sport app to make your bookings.    Get in touch if you’ve got some thoughts or leave a comment below.

Noho ora mai – Take care and stay well.
UC Rec & Sport Team