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Final call for MBIE Research Programmes

Hurry – Submit your research programme proposals for MBIE 2017 Endeavour Contestable Investment Round

Because of the need to ensure there is time available to engage with Māori and identify/consolidate relationships with end users and stakeholders etc., the University of Canterbury has been working on a 6-month planning cycle for the preparation of the 3-5 year Research Programmes.

If you wish to submit a 2017 Research Programme and have not already started working with R&I on your proposal you must advise Heather Thomas and provide, by Tuesday 13 December, a one-page Expression of Interest 

Research Programme Timeline
November Identify science question.
Identify & engage with industry partners, end-users/stakeholders.
Meet with Nigel Harris (Māori Research Kaiārahi) regarding engagement with MāoriIdentify scale/breadth of benefits to NZ.
Identify pathway to market, Freedom to Operate etc.
December Tues 13 Final deadline to confirm intent to submit RP and provide Heather Thomas with one page Expression of Interest.
December Confirm science and science team.
Prepare Title, Abstract, Keywords, Team,  ANZSRC Codes for Registration
January   Confirm Title, Abstract, Keywords, Team,  ANZSRC codes
2nd/3rd week Presentation of RP to panel
Wed 25 12 noon UC RP Registration Deadline Title, Abstract, Keywords, Team,  ANZSRC codes
February Weekly meetings with proposal leaders to confirm science and science team.
Confirm engagement with Māori, industry partners, end-users/stakeholders.
Confirm budget.Collate CVs for all named team members.
March Finalise proposal including UC signoff
Thurs 9 UC Final RP Full Proposal On MBIE Portal

Please refer to the R&I intranet page for further information and documents.

If you have any questions about the MBIE Endeavour funding round please contact Heather Thomas at heather.thomas@canterbury.ac.nz or extn 7784.