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Development of video-based presentations for the new RSIC labs

The University Learning and Teaching Committee has recently awarded $5000 to Sarah Masters and Jan Wikaira to develop a suite of video-based presentations to introduce key laboratory skills to 100-Level Chemistry students.

The grant is a collaborative effort with Rob Stowell of Learning Technologies Support, as part of initiatives to make the most of the new labs in the Rutherford Science and Innovation Centre (RSIC) building that will open next year.

The aim is to ensure consistency and quality of the laboratory demonstration talks that introduce key skills to the undergraduate students. The videos will take advantage of the new big screen technology that will be available in the teaching laboratories of the new RSIC when it opens in mid-2017. Many 100L students have not had much previous experience in a chemistry laboratory, and in the current environment it is sometimes hard for students to hear and see the introductory presentations. Using the latest screen technology in the new RSIC building will enable the Department of Chemistry to deliver clear, consistent laboratory overviews and to provide close-up demonstrations of skills, enhancing the learning experience for the students.

Exceptional concrete pour for the RSIC

Contractors prepare for the first major concrete pour of the RSIC project
Contractors prepare for the first major concrete pour of the RSIC project

As part of our campus transformation programme, a number of exceptionally large concrete pours will occur on the Ilam campus between now and the end of 2015. The first of these takes place next on Monday 31 August on the RSIC site.

In all – 1250m3 of concrete will be poured into the foundations which contractors have been preparing for over the past few months. From start to finish, the pour will take up to 14 hours beginning at 12.00am on Monday morning.

Special traffic management plans are in place, with up to 400 truck movements involved. There could be six moving onto site and six moving off site at any one time, with areas allocated on campus to hold up to another six if necessary.

A major exercise in logistics and a real milestone for the project.



The Campus Transformation Programme

This ongoing programme is delivering some of the most modern teaching, learning and research facilities in the southern hemisphere. At the heart of campus, the exciting new Regional Science and Innovation Centre (RSIC) is being constructed, while to the north, every wing of the Engineering precinct is being either rebuilt or refurbished in the Canterbury Engineering the Future (CETF) development.

There are also projects underway in central Christchurch reconnecting the University to its historic roots and enabling it to play a vital role in the future of the new city with strong community links through the arts and health sectors.

You can keep up with all the ongoing projects at any time here.