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Winter is here – keep these tips in mind

Now that we’re settling back on campus, here are some points to keep in mind as you come to and from UC on these cold and sometimes wet days.

Walking / footpath users: Be aware of wet or frosty grounds if you are walking or using the footpath travelling to and from, or around campus. Take care moving on painted surfaces and in areas that are shady. Consider your footwear, use handrails when you can and walk on the grass during frosty mornings to avoid slippery surfaces.

Driving: Make sure you fully defrost your windows before you set off – it’s illegal to peer through a defrosted section the size of your hand, not to mention incredibly challenging. It’s worth using a drink bottle with good long distance squirt action and cold or luke-warm water. Don’t forget to turn your windscreen wipers on and get out of the way of the flicking water. A scraper might also do the trick too.

Biking: Stay warm by wearing plenty of layers. Make sure you can be seen by using a white/yellow head light and red tail light – some fluro clothing is a good idea too. Take care if it is wet and slippery on the road (road paint can be especially slippery when wet), and be careful in areas that don’t get sun during winter days.

How ever you’re travelling to/from and moving around campus, remember that it’s worth planning in extra time to reach your destination to lower stress and risk of injury.