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UC Web Room Booking page for 2019 now open

The UC Web Room Bookings Page 2019 is now open & available.

The links below became live at 5pm 12 Dec 2018. Any spaces on Campus with a 60 capacity or less can be booked by all UC Staff member using the (WRB) Web Room Bookings page Link here> 

Please check the availability of any spaces on specific specific dates & times on campus before submitting the larger room request by using the WRB reports link here>

The security team will be required to manually place requests on your behalf, for all spaces larger than 60 capacity.

Spaces not showing on the WRB, like new rooms located in buildings that have not been completed, will be added once they have been handed back to UC.

Please ensure you have checked the date, time and location and availability of the space before submitting your requested booking via email to bookings@canterbury.ac.nz, attn: Adam or Daniel

Please note that the bookings office will be closed between 21 Dec 2018 -7 Jan 2019.