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Doctoral Seminar – ‘Representation of Cuisine and Food Culture in New Zealand Print Media 1950-2015’

Come along to Business and Law next week to hear a doctoral seminar from Saman Hassibi.

The topic is ‘Representation of Cuisine and Food Culture in New Zealand Print Media 1950-2015: A Systematic Content Analysis’.

Time: 11:00 – 12:30pm

Date: 24 February

Where: Business and Law Room 409

Here’s a bit about what Saman will discuss:

Observation of today’s mass media indicates that there has been an increase in food-focused consumption, communication, and culture especially in recent years. Studies of culinary documents (e.g. community cookbooks, published cookbooks or magazines) and foodways suggest that culinary communications are filled with socio-cultural information about the society that has produced them. Even though references to food, cuisine, and media can be found in the academic world, there are relatively few studies that focus on their interrelationships in New Zealand, with previous research tending to be historical but non-systematic in approach.

This proposed research will investigate the relationships between New Zealand print mass media and the country’s cuisine and food culture. In particular, it aims to examine how the cuisine and different aspects of food culture of New Zealand (i.e. national identity indigeneity, gendered norms, social construct of family, roles of children, and concepts of health, nutrition, economy, and food tourism), including linkages to international food culture, have been portrayed, reinforced or trivialized, and marketed within the pages of New Zealand print documents published between 1950 and 2015.


Thesis to Practise: Disaster Risk and Resilience Seminar

The Canterbury Emergency Management Office and ECan Hazards Group, along with the University of Canterbury and Lincoln University are hosting a seminar for thesis research students (masters and doctoral) working on natural hazard, emergency management and disaster risk management topics.

The half-day seminar will share student research project findings with practitioners and to receive direct feedback.  It is also a great chance for students to develop professional networks and to strengthen Canterbury and Lincoln University links with the CDEM and natural hazard risk practitioners in Canterbury.

When: 9am-1pm 24 February 2016

Where: Undercroft 101, Central Library, University of Canterbury.

Who: Anyone is invited, especially if you have an interest in natural hazards, emergency management and disaster risk management.

Government Superannuation Fund (GSF) Information Seminars

We are pleased to confirm that the Government Superannuation Fund (GSF) will be holding an information seminar for existing GSF members.

All UC GSF members and interested parties are invited to attend and content details can be found here: http://www.intranet.canterbury.ac.nz/hr/

Other Christchurch based GSF members are also being invited to this public information session.

Date: Tuesday 16 February

Place: Undercroft Seminar Room, James Hight, UC.

Time:     Either

  • Seminar 1 – 1.00pm – 2.00pm or
  • Seminar 2 – 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Note – both seminars have the same content and attendees need only attend one of the time slots available.