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Christchurch Victory Parade: Wednesday 12 July

Everything you need to know
The parade to celebrate the Emirates Team New Zealand’s America’s Cup win starts at 12 noon on Wednesday 12 July. The city centre will be very busy, so it will be best to plan ahead and arrive early for the best viewing positions.

Parade route
The parade route is available on christchurchnzparade.com

The parade will start at Colombo and Lichfield Streets, turn left into Hereford Street before turning right into Montreal Street. It will conclude with celebrations outside the Christchurch Art Gallery. See map on the final page.

Viewing points
Volunteers will be available throughout the parade route to help find the most suitable viewing areas. The public are asked to make full use of the parade route and surrounding areas to ensure the enjoyment of all those that wish to attend.

An accessible viewing area is provided at the front of the stage at the Christchurch Art Gallery (Gloucester Road end). Those wishing to use this area, should make their way to the entry point on Montreal Street near the Gloucester Road corner next to the St John ambulance area. They will then be escorted to the viewing area by a member of staff.

Plan your travel
You are advised to come into the city as early as possible on the day.

  • Bus – all buses will be running as usual and will be subject to standard fares. The Bus Interchange is located on the parade route so you will need to arrive early, to avoid delays. Plan your journey here and see the www.metroinfo.co.nz for ideal bus routes.
  • Cycle – Christchurch is New Zealand’s most cycle friendly city with a network of cycleways and cycle lanes. See Transport for Christchurch for more info.
  • Walking – it is likely that you will need to walk for some distance to attend the parade. Please make sure that you come prepared to do so as we are anticipating large numbers of people in the central city.
  • Driving – if you do need to park in the central city carparking buildings will be your best chance. There will be no parking on the parade route.
  • Road closures – there will be road closures along the parade route (see map on final page) and some nearby streets beginning at 9am and ending around 3.00pm.

If you’re not going to the parade it may be best to avoid the city centre if possible and if you usually drive into the city centre this is a great opportunity to have a car-free day.

Bad weather plan
Bad weather is expected to arrive in Canterbury on Tuesday afternoon and remain for the rest of the week.

In the unlikely event that the parade is unable to go ahead updates will be communicated first thing on Wednesday morning on christchurchnzparade.com and through other channels as soon as possible.

See christchurchnzparade.com for more information and all updates.

UC Connect: Science of Rock climbing

UC Connect presentations are recorded so you can watch them online.

The recent UC Connect lecture ‘To fall or not to fall: The science of rock climbing’ is the latest addition to the online videos.

Professor Nick Draper focuses on the psychophysiological stresses associated with the archetypal adventure sport of rock climbing, which involves managing risk and will be an Olympic event in Tokyo in 2020.

See forthcoming UC Connect events here

Alumni + students + UC = Crusaders win!

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UC alumni were invited to a pre-match function before the Crusaders vs Hurricanes game last Saturday – with over 100 people in attendance it was a great crowd. Crusaders CEO Hamish Riach did a Q&A with some of the non-playing team, where all three ‘surprisingly’ predicted a home win.

Meanwhile UC students were also hosted at the game as part of the UC student experience.


UC Sport Mascot Competion – Winners

We would like to officially announce the results of the UC Sport mascot competition!

3rd Place
– Winner of $200 prize pack…
The Canterbury Collie, designed by Felicity Powell.

2nd Place – Winner of $400 prize pack…
The Falcon (Maori concept) designed by Rosie Irving and Daniel Batistich

1st Place and Grand Prize Winner of the $1000 prize pack…
Tapuae, the Falcon designed by Jeff Bell.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this great project from the entrants, judges, you the voters and our major sponsor BLK. It has been an exciting journey, but its not over yet!

Now what?

Well, we are currently working on designs to incorporate this into playing uniforms that UC students will wear when representing University of Canterbury at University & Tertiary Sport NZ events.
But don’t worry, we are also producing a full range of casual sportswear apparel that will be available when you all return in 2017! #UCSport#BLK#UCFalcons

See the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/ucsport/

Mascot pic2

From left: 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize

Keen to join a golf group?

If you are keen to join a social golf group, here’s your opportunity…

I am looking for golfers keen to join my golf group. We play one outing every month at different courses around Canterbury. From beginner to expert, all are welcome.

I get good deals on green fees and always have prizes for the top scores at the end of each outing. It is great fun and there is always good banter between everybody.

We are playing Pegasus Golf Club on 16 October at 10am. Cost $35 (great deal for Pegasus) and we are playing Harewood in November.

If you would like to play or for more info please email me Jamie.browne@canterbury.ac.nz or phone 0212676892.

Thanks again, looking forward to seeing you there.