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Financial Planning for Under 35s – FREE

Want to start being smart with your money?

Come along to our financial planning seminar and learn how to get your finances sorted.

The Getting Started seminar is designed for those in the under 35 age group. It will cover information about what are the most important things to do for people starting out on their financial planning journey, including:

  • Cash flow
  • Kiwisaver
  • Debt management

Thursday, 19 July 2018
12 noon to 1.30pm

Please register your interest for this seminar by contacting Shelley Dick via email, or phone (03) 375 4040.

More NZFP Seminars will also be held this year for the 35–55 age group, and the 60+ age group.

Please see the Learning and Development: Financial Planning Seminars intranet page for further information.

PT plus membership intro special for UC staff

What is a Personal Trainer (PT) good for, and do you really need one?

In all honesty, not everyone needs a PT, but they can certainly  help those of us who struggle with motivation, knowledge or boredom in the gym.

Why should you get a trainer?

1. It’s educational. We all love education right? If you want to learn to change the oil in your car, you don’t go to a hairdresser, and relying on unvetted Youtube or Instagrammers can be risky.  The best option is to find a qualified trainer who can work out a plan to suit your lifestyle and achieve your goals. It can also help prevent injuries or overtraining woes, which may slow you down.

2. Accountability. How many times have you procrastinated or said ‘tomorrow’? With a trainer, you’ll have a scheduled appointment for your diary to motivate you to turn up. And they’ll keep tweaking your programme to ensure it’s still challenging and intrinsically motivating for you.

3. Time management. With little spare time, it’s crucial that we find time to work on our own health and wellbeing. A trainer can help you maximise your time, so that you get the best workout in the time you have available.

4. It’s just more fun! Not having to think about what’s coming up next in your routine, and just letting the trainer guide you can be freeing and relaxing (all whilst working up a sweat). They can come up with fun and interesting ways to achieve your goals, without going to ‘standard’ exercises that are easier to remember on your own. They generally have good banter and charming personalities, which makes a 45min sweat session that much more enjoyable.

If any or all of these points resonate with you, then maybe you could do with a trainer? Good news is, starting Monday 11 June, we have an amazing 1 month Introductory training package available to all UC Staff.

We’re offering 1 full month of RecCentre Membership PLUS 4x PushMe personal training sessions for just $99.

Why are we doing it? Because your health is important, and we know that budget can be another constraint, so let’s remove that and get you off to a good start.  At that price, you can afford to give it a whirl, and see if it’s right for you.

Hurry, the special ends on Saturday 30 June, 2018, and you must bring your current Staff ID card to sign up at our reception (not available online). Visiting staff can take advantage of this too!

Finally, just note that this offer isn’t available in conjunction with other discounts, like discount vouchers or union membership discounts.

Enter the draw by 18 June for withdrawn library books

The Director of Learning Resource has agreed for the Library to offer staff (fixed term or continuing) and doctoral students an opportunity to own a copy of these titles.

The titles have become available because the Library holds duplicates, or because they are no longer required for Research and Teaching at UC.

For a chance to own one or more of theses titles, please add your name and contact details to the PDF, tick the titles you would like to own, and then scan and email the information to: collections@libr.canterbury.ac.nz.

Alternatively, you can send a paper copy through internal mail addressed to:|
Alison Whitla
Library Access and Collections (LAC)
Puaka James Hight, rm 519

All requests must be received by Monday 18 June.

From Friday 8 June and from Monday – Friday  thereafter (9am-5pm), the titles will be  available for viewing in the Library Access and Collections workroom (rm 519) in Puaka James Hight.

A draw will be completed by Wednesday 20 June, with all successful applicants then contacted by phone or mail.

Please note that most titles will have library markings, cancel stamps and are well worn.

See the list of books here.

Autumn membership specials at the RecCentre

With Autumn advancing upon us, and summer saying goodbye, it gets harder and harder to stay motivated to exercise outdoors. It’s too cold, it’s too wet, it’s too dark… you know the drill!

While we fully recommend staying in nature as much as you can for your wellbeing, sometimes it’s just not feasible or safe, if working around busy schedules and early sunsets. Read on to find out the great specials we’ve got on six month memberships, and how you could win a bonus two months on us.

The RecCentre can come to the rescue to get you through the darker months. We’ve got an ace location (right on campus), with showers, towels and toiletries, and a fully equipped gym and plethora of group fitness classes.

Perhaps you can wangle a flexible lunchbreak to pop over and find 30 minutes to pump up the muscles, which will definitely pump up your thinking power when you head back to work. Or maybe an early morning workout, before you start work?

Whilst it might seem a bit drastic at first, that feeling you’ve ‘already knocked the bastard off’ (to paraphrase Sir Ed), can make you feel quite heroic for the rest of the day, knowing you can go home to the warm comfort of your home straight after work. Both of these times are great for those who like a quick workout, with fewer people around.

Whilst we are a busy gym, we are considerably quieter throughout the day, up until around 3pm. But, if after work suits you best, you’ll be met with a large range of classes to slot into from 4pm – 8pm most nights, and a variety of training spaces to choose from – just prepare mentally for the crowds!

So, if you’re not sure, contact us for free seven-day guest pass (it includes one epic spin class too) to try it out. There’ s no obligation, and there’s definitely no follow-up sales phone call that you can expect from other gyms. We believe we have fantastic services and equipment, and if it feels right for you, then you’ll just know. We also have a small private space within the centre that is sectioned off for women only time, a few hours a day.

How can you win an additional two months of membership? Easy. Anyone purchasing a six month membership from us in the promotional period (1 – 15 April, 2018) is automatically entered in the draw for a bonus two months added to their membership. Simple!

So, what are you waiting for?

Considering travel with a mobile phone or tablet?

Will you travel with your mobile phone?
Will you travel with a tablet/iPad?

If you answered Yes to either of those questions, even if you just travel for personal reasons, then this guide is for you:

Mobile Device Usage Guidelines
for UC Staff Who Travel

In addition to these guidelines being just plain useful, if you are planning to use a UC mobile device while travelling, you also need to be aware of your responsibilities around its use and how you can make the best use of it.

Check out our Archive of Tech Tips – open the Archive and tap the “End” key on your keyboard to jump to the end of the Archive list where the most recent Tips are.

Was this tip helpful to you? Anything else you want to know? Please leave a  comment below.

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