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CHCH101 students present their work at the Epic Building



The final session of CHCH101 for Semester 2 was held in the BNZ Lounge of the Epic Building in the Innovation Precinct. Following the Ministry of Awesome’s Coffee and Jam format, the nine student groups presented their work with the following community organisations:

  • Bike Share Christchurch
  • The Buskathon
  • City Council Graffiti Prevention Team
  • Epic Building
  • Gap Filler
  • Imagination Station
  • Riccarton-Wigram Community Board
  • Spring Feast for Women at the City Mission
  • The Unreasonable Institute

The students  presented their individual Healing Proposals, which are ideas to improve a specific aspect of a specific community. Their work of over 400 hours helped to advance the causes of these organisations and provided them with valuable employability skills and experiences. There were awesome displays of passion, planning, and purpose ranging from:

  • shifting food leftovers from waste to meals
  • a volunteering matchmaking app
  • post-party clean up crews
  • volunteer rowing coaching
  • inter-generational initiatives
  • an edible forest on the UC campus
  • improving public facilities in parts of Christchurch.

We’re confident we’ll see some of these ideas come to life here and in other parts of the world!

Many thanks to Nic Hetherington, Felicity Jane, and Luke Gillespie for co-teaching the course, the community partners for collaborating with us, and the students for getting into it! ‪

Highlight from the Hub

Whale journey advances UC relationship with US ambassador

An opportunity for the US Ambassador and his wife to join a recent research trip on humpback whale migration has helped advance UC’s relationship with the US Embassy in New Zealand.

Ambassador Mark Gilbert and his wife Nancy joined UC staff and students on the recent research trip on 29 August-4 September,

Dr Travis Horton (UC Geology) organised the trip for nine UC students participating in the Frontiers Abroad Program to conduct research on humpback whale migration as part of a long-standing collaboration with Nan Hauser of the Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation.

Through his service on the Fulbright Commission Board, Travis invited Ambassador Gilbert and Nancy to join the UC contingent and view the whales up close on the water.

Associate Professor Osteen, Director of the UC Community Engagement Hub, accompanied Dr Horton and the students to meet with Ambassador Gilbert as part of just receiving a $15,000 grant from the US Embassy to take a delegation of UC staff and students to Vanuatu in February 2016 for social enterprise development projects.

Student applications are now being sought for that trip.

Both the Rarotonga and Vanuatu trips are flagship, academically-based experiences that provide students and staff with opportunities to engage with all attributes of  the new UC Graduate Profile.

The US Embassy’s support for these initiatives as well as the 2014 Community Engagement Summit and a community engagement technology grant is greatly appreciated.

UC Council student representative

James Addington








James Addington, elected president of the University of Canterbury Students Association in September, has also been elected as student representative on the UC Council.

James, studying for a law and commerce degree, will take up the UCSA president role from 1 January 2016. His term on the UC Council is 1 November 2015 to 31 December 2016.

In the UCSA elections, Mikaela Ruegg was elected vice-president  and Jacob Bignell elected finance officer.  Tom Tappin, Michael Brophy, Emily Barker, Stephanie Yee, Cheyenne Conroy-Mosdell, Christopher Lamb, Chanuka De Silva, Espoire Ibouanga and John Duncan were elected to the UCSA Student Executive.

Returning officer Riley Divett said the UCSA election student voter turnout remained typically high, with 31.25% of voter turnout compared to other universities’ single digit turnout, even though the election had to be held again after some candidates were found to be ineligible.

New UC home page launched

On Friday 2 October 2015, the University launched a new home page that will allow students, staff and stakeholders to interact more effectively with our website. Included are the following features:

  • It’s mobile friendly for optimum display on all devices
  • New content increases the focus on academic scope and research
  • Maori design imagery has been incorporated
  • A Pacifica ‘button’ has been introduced
  • Entry points have been consolidated to drive recruitment
  • ‘Experience UC’  gives the world access to our online story
  • Our social media platform is more visible
  • Quick links’ have moved to an enhanced footer capacity

Check out the new home page now
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7 outstanding dimensions prepare students to change the world

UC7 logo 2

UC7 was launched earlier this year to help future students understand the total educational experience on offer at UC.

The idea behind UC7, which is also being promoted to parents, high school teachers and careers advisors, is to show that UC is a truly holistic place of learning. Made up of seven outstanding dimensions, UC prepares students to graduate with the skills and confidence they need to succeed and change the world.

Read more about the UC7 outstanding dimensionsUC Enterprise, UC Community, UC Bicultural, UC Academic, UC Global, UC Active and UC Support.