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The never-ending student experience

One of our vibrant campus initiatives was the Student Experience timeline on the hoardings outside the new Education building. The aim was to show today’s students how student life has always been a desirable and unforgettable “experience”  and  give them a sense that they’re not only part of something “now” but to something that is a long and exciting tradition.

During the process, we uncovered so many great historic photographs that we also digitised and  dropped them into short videos that each spanned a 40 year era. You can check them all out here:  who knows – they might inspire you to go and view the full size timeline!






UC Students win family moot

Family moot winners
In early August, two UC law students, James Anson-Holland and Jennifer Smith, won the Mahoney Cup on the 20th anniversary of the national family mooting competition.

UC has won the cup seven times in the history of the competition, meaning UC has won more times than any other Law School – with Otago running a close second with six wins.

This year’s Moot was on an issue of child abduction, a topic which our two mooters described as “engaging”.

James and Jennifer said that while the Moot itself was very competitive, everything else had been really friendly, with a highlight being a dinner hosted by the Dean of the Otago Law School. Both mooters valued the personalised feedback from the judges and are “overjoyed” to have brought the trophy back to Canterbury.