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Helping new students settle in

UC is sending weekly emails to new students during term one to help them settle in to life at UC and ensure they have the information they need for a successful start.

The emails align with the new student handbooks and include information and advice on studying, wellbeing, support services and getting involved in UC life. They also address some of the issues we know new students face, such as feeling homesick and the fear of failure.

The messaging has been structured to provide information to students when they need it, and is based on findings from previous UCount surveys and student feedback.

Read the first three emails sent to new students 

Week one email

Week two email

Week three email  

Toolkit for new students

A seven-week toolkit has been developed to ensure new students get the information they need to successfully complete their first term at UC. 

Starting on Monday all new students will receive a weekly email which will include information, advice and tips to help them settle into life at UC. 

Information in the seven week toolkit includes:

  • advice on lectures, labs and tutorials as well as study tips
  • information about library services and the Academic Skills Centre
  • asking for help and the student support services available at UC
  • health and safety on campus
  • getting involved at UC – UC Clubs day, UC Rec & Sport, UniLife, mentoring programmes
  • expectations around student behaviour and conduct
  • advice around the fear of failure.

The messaging has been structured to provide information to students when they need it, and is based on findings from previous UCount surveys and student feedback. 

GradFest 2018

Spring Gradfest is designed to help postgraduate students navigate their thesis journey, as well as meet other postgraduates at UC. Please encourage your students to attend.

What’s Gradfest? A week of free seminars, workshops, and social events especially for postgrad students on such topics as

  • The research ethics approval process
  • How to give a research presentation
  • Managing stress
  • Preparing for the Oral exam
  • The publication process and more

When’s Gradfest? Monday 29 October to Friday 2 November 2018.

View the programme and register here>

JAPA students win fully-funded study tours to Japan

Five students in the Elementary Japanese Course have been selected to participate in a fully-funded two-week study programme in Japan by the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Experience (CAPE).

The programme was open to Aotearoa New Zealand students by competitive application and five of the 15 students selected were first year UC JAPA students. The students will have the opportunity to travel to the Ishikawa Prefecture to study the Japanese language and culture between November and October.

Congratulations to Chris Langridge, Daniel Price, Andy Simmonds, Rosara Harris and Timothy Sullivan. We would like to wish them all the best for their stay in Japan.

International students, exam results and how you can help

Compared to domestic students, international students may at times be less confident they can succeed at their studies.

They may face difficulties adjusting to the New Zealand academic environment, and potentially high expectations of perfection can cause a large amount of stress and burnout, especially for those who are accustomed to being top students in their home country.

Using a second language can also put more stress on them and affect their performance.

What staff can do to help:

  • As staff, we can offer non-judgemental support. For instance, we can provide reassurance that it takes time to learn how things work in a different academic environment.
  • We can let students know they are not alone, and that there is support here at UC. There can be different cultural considerations for international students in asking for support.

You might let them know that “it’s ok to ask for help, it’s part of being a successful student”.

  • You could suggest that a good step forward would be to learn more about what the Academic Skills Centre has to offer. It is located on the third floor of the Puaka-James Hight Library and offers several resources and a programme of workshops and seminars to help students improve their academic results, including online resources.
  • If they need assistance with writing, they could check out the four-part Introduction to Essay Writing course. They could book a consultation with a Learning Advisor to review their writing one-to-one.  The Academic Skills Centre’s Programme for Semester 2 is now live>
  • For assistance dealing with cultural adjustment and transition, anxiety, worry, or stress, staff at the Student Care and UC Health Centre provide wonderful support – again, reassuring them that it is ok to ask for help.


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