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Band Together – 12pm today, C Block lawn

Time: 12 – 12.30pm
Date: Monday 18 March
Location: C Block lawn
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/2288962974706666/

We know Friday’s events continue to have a deep impact on people and we are committed to supporting the safety and wellbeing of all students and staff. Our love and support are with everyone and help is available and you are not alone.

As an act of solidarity and support we invite the UC community to band together for a period of reflection, and to support one another.

The gathering will open with a moment of silence and karakia and will be followed by the sharing of halal kai. There will be time to pause and quietly reflect on the past few days, as well as leave a message on the Kia Kaha wall.

As an act of solidarity and to unite in a demonstration of inclusiveness, female students and staff are welcome to wear head scarves. This is a matter of personal choice.

Classes scheduled between 12pm – 1pm have been cancelled.
Lectures scheduled from 11am – 1pm will run from 11am – 12pm.
Lectures scheduled from 12pm – 2pm will run from 1pm – 2pm.

How to support each other over winter

Paul O’Flaherty, Executive Director of Human Resources, outlines some great ways to help and support each other over winter.

In these winter months, it’s timely to remind ourselves about ways that we can help and support each other to maintain our physical, mental and emotional health.

The UC Recreation Centre continues to have some good deals for staff. The UC Health Centre is also available to staff. And don’t forget that our Employee Assistance Programme is available free of charge not just to staff but also to staff members’ families.

We continue to get excellent feedback about the Growing Personal Resilience programme, and there are also a number of other helpful programmes such as the Communications Skills workshop, along with a number of other workshops that help people leaders and staff build their skills and lessen the pressure of their work. There are also a number of workshops that focus specifically on keeping us all healthy and safe in the workplace.

If a student comes to you for help: –  one of the best things you can do is to simply be there and listen.  If you do provide referral details to a student, follow-up to see if they sought help.

The UC Health Centre has a doctor and/or counsellor on duty at all times and can provide medical treatment and undertake emergency referrals.
Contact details – Off campus: +64 3 364 2402.
On campus extension: 6402

The Student Care team is available to listen and provide practical advice and guidance to most issues faced by students.
Contact details: studentcare@canterbury.ac.nz 
+64 3 369 3388.

Find out more about support for students at www.canterbury.ac.nz/student-support

You may also be interested in finding out about the  modular programme for Supporting Students in Crisis click here.

Feel safe, valued and respected

Everyone in the UC community deserves to feel safe, valued and respected. In this regard, one of UC’s strategic initiatives is to develop a constructive organisational culture where all people working at the University are encouraged to maintain a cooperative and collaborative approach to their working relationships.

It is UC policy for its staff to treat students, members of the public, and other staff members with respect, impartiality, courtesy and sensitivity. This expectation extends to all people working at UC whether paid or unpaid, including contractors, adjunct appointees, Erskine visitors, consultants, guest lecturers, interns and volunteers.

Pink ShirtSometimes working relationships do not go according to plan. Repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards another person that creates a risk to health and safety may be considered to be bullying.

A single incident of unreasonable behaviour is not considered to be bullying by definition, but should not be ignored because it can escalate.  The HR Toolkit provides staff with information about the expected standards of behaviour and about what to do if they feel they have been bullied.

Staff may decide to report their concerns informally or they have the option to make a formal complaint. HR Advisors are available to provide advice on these processes, and the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is available to those who may need support.

Tim Turnbull
HR Manager

26 May is Pink Shirt Day – when we can all stand up against bullying – read more>

Watch short video  on Facebook explaining what workplace bullying is and how to recognise the four main types of workplace bullies.

Supporting Students in Crisis – Staff Development Course

Would you know what to do if a student came to you with a serious problem?

The Supporting Students in Crisis course is aimed at helping all staff know what to do in this scenario – how to calm a student down, where to send them for help, active listening techniques as well as practical care and support. It is run by Victim Support.

To find out more or enrol in the course, click here.  Module 1 of this course is coming up on 14 June (9am-3pm)  and is free for UC staff members.

Student Care’s role at UC

Student Care is here to help any students who might need extra support and guidance with any issues that may be impacting their studies and wellbeing. We can help students to identify issues, explore options and work out an action plan.

You can refer students to us directly or speak to us about a student situation or concern in confidence for advice on how to manage the situation.

Contact: 03 369 3388


Watch this  1 min 30 sec video to find out more.