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Join UC’s 2019 Movember Team

It’s that time of year again where men around the country sharpen their razors and their loved ones roll their eyes a little, all in the name of raising funds and awareness of men’s health issues in Aotearoa. This year we’ve put together a team for any staff or students who want to take part in a collaborative effort.

It’s often much easier to raise funds as part of a collective and tends to be a lot more fun when you don’t feel alone as the filthy thing on your upper lip is stared at by worried onlookers.

To join the UC MoBros you will need a Movember account and then you can join the team at this link: https://moteam.co/uc-mobros?mc=1 

We’ve set the target at $2000. Based on last year’s numbers, that’d put us in the top 3 teams in New Zealand. That’s easily achievable with enough support.

Remember, you must be clean shaven on Nov 1st – after that, it’s just picking a style and getting supporters to fund you.

Best of luck!

Hiding your light under a bushel? Misunderstood?

Do you feel like hardly anyone at UC understands what your team does – or how you can help them?

At Intercom, we’ve heard people say they don’t know what different teams do, so we think it’s time to start profiling a few teams and how their work impacts on life at UC.

At your next team meeting, please have a chat about what you want others to know about what you do and how you can help . Then e-mail your contribution to communications@canterbury.ac.nz – if you have a fun team photo to include that’s great too – but not compulsory.

If you want to know about a particular team, let us know which one and we’ll approach them directly to find out what they do.