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Celebrate Pride at the TEU Rainbow Te Kahukura BBQ

Whether you’re part of the Rainbow Te Kahukura whanau or you’re an ally, we invite you to celebrate Pride Week with the Tertiary Education Union (TEU).

  • Where: C-block lawn
  • When: Monday 4 March, 12 – 2pm

We’re celebrating Pride with a TEU Rainbow Te Kahukura Pride BBQ (vegetarian and vegan options available), plus a fun “guess how many jellybeans are in our rainbow jar” competition.

All LGBTQIA+ staff and postgraduates, allies and supporters and Non-TEU members are welcome.

The BBQ helps increase the visibility of our Rainbow community on campus so if you’re LGBTQIA+, we encourage you to wear a rainbow pin or similar item (scarf, tie, t-shirt etc.) to make your identity visible to colleagues and students (as long as you feel safe and comfortable doing so, of course). 

Let’s show off just how diverse our community is here at UC.

A note for allies: while we appreciate your support, we request that you don’t wear a rainbow flag or other LGBTQIA+ symbols – please respect that these symbols belong to our community and are watered down if they are worn by allies, no matter how good your intent. If you want to make your support visible, Google ‘ally symbols’ for images you can wear instead.

See you at the BBQ!

UC collective agreements renewed

The University of Canterbury (UC) and the combined onsite unions have renewed their collective agreements for another three-year period.

Staff covered by the Collective Agreements will receive wage increases of 2% in 2019, 2.5% in 2020 and 3% in 2021, with lowest waged staff to be paid a minimum of $20.55 per hour from 2019.

This settlement is estimated to affect around 1800 academic and general staff in a variety of occupations, including lecturers, department administrators, bridging programme teachers, maintenance staff, IT services staff, technicians, medical practitioners, clinical educators, cleaning and grounds staff.

UC Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr says it is important for this agreement to be recognised for the milestone it is.

“For several years, the University has relied on government support post-quake to enable its recovery and rebuild. During that very difficult time for Canterbury, one of the influences on the level of settlements has been the focus on retaining as many jobs at UC as possible,” Dr Carr says.

“This year, with increasing student numbers and enrolment applications for next year looking particularly strong, UC has reached a recovery milestone. We should all be pleased that, following a constructive bargaining process, we have achieved a mutually agreeable settlement.”

TEU Canterbury Organiser Gabrielle Moore says the unions are delighted that the lowest waged staff within the coverage of the collective agreements will be paid a minimum of $20.55 per hour from 2019 and will have the second and third year percentage increases applied to those rates.

“The cleaners in particular have asked that we thank their union member colleagues and the Vice Chancellor for increasing their pay to an amount we consider to be a decent wage, one that means that it will create a better work-life balance for our members allowing for a basic but decent standard of living,” Ms Moore says.