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UC 2018 Annual Appeal campaign under way

UC’s 2018 Annual Appeal campaign – Make a Difference has launched.

Alumni and supporters who donate to UC make a considerable impact on the lives of our students, researchers and the wider community and, in doing so, support UC’s vision of people prepared to make a difference – tangata tū, tangata ora.

Over the last five years 2,562 generous donors have made 8,619 gifts, which has raised more than $1.75 million to support a range of research, teaching and learning initiatives. These include the Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research, the Pukemanu-Dovedale Centre run by the UC Child and Family Psychology programme, the UCME XL Pasifika Outreach Programme, and a number of scholarships.

Find out more about the 2018 Annual Appeal campaign and the UC initiatives it supports.

Read the latest UC Foundation Annual Report to find out more about how donors have made a difference.  

Donors making a difference – UC Foundation Annual Report

Scholarships for students with low vision, breast cancer research and new equipment specifically designed for teaching UC students – these are just some of the opportunities made possible thanks to generous donations of alumni, friends of UC and supporters.

Read more about how donors make a huge difference for our students, researchers and the wider community in the latest UC Foundation Annual Report.

New UC Foundation Doctoral Publication Scholarships

These new scholarships aim to encourage doctoral students to publish aspects of their research during their doctorate.

Criteria and guidelines

  • Scholarships are available only to non-College of Engineering doctoral students enrolled at UC. The College of Engineering is introducing its own scheme, and so Engineers will not be covered by this scholarship.
  • The doctoral student must be the first author of the publication.
  • Scholarships will be to the value of $500 per publication.
  • Publications must be published before the student’s Oral Doctoral exam and their institutional address must be UC.
  • The publication must be searchable in SCOPUS (or an approved citation database).
  • A student may receive more than one scholarship.
  • Scholarship applications can be made at any time up to the students Oral examination.
  • Scholarships will be paid directly to the student for their own use.

Application process

  • The doctoral student applies in writing to the Dean of Postgraduate Research (deanpgresearch@canterbury.ac.nz) with proof of acceptance of the publication and its reference in SCOPUS or other appropriate database.

The Senior Supervisor provides written confirmation of the acceptance of the publication and the contributions made by the student.

Do you know a doctoral student who may benefit from this? Encourage them to apply today.

Discover the World with the Gallup World Poll – a first for UC and university’s in New Zealand

Thanks to the generous support of the University of Canterbury Foundation, students and staff now have access to the Gallup World Poll!

Only a few universities in the world have access to this data. UC  is the first university in New Zealand to give this opportunity to its staff and students. 

Gallup’s World Poll continually surveys residents in more than 150 countries, representing more than 99% of the world’s adult population, using randomly selected, nationally representative samples.

  • Gallup typically surveys 1,000 individuals in each country, using a standard set of core questions that has been translated into the major languages of the respective country.
  • Questions cover a wide range of issues including work, law and order, social issues, ethics, well-being etc.
  • Data are yearly and available since 2006. Because of its worldwide coverage, the Gallup World Poll provides a unique opportunity to put the New Zealand opinion into an international perspective and stimulate global awareness.

Did you know  that in 2013, 66% of New Zealand respondents who were employed indicated they considered their job to be the ideal job for them (compared to 80% of German respondents)? Or that in 2017, 90% of New Zealand respondents indicated the area they live in is a good place to live for racial/ethnic minorities (compared to 42% of Chinese respondents)?

Added value

In addition to the Gallup Analytics portal which provides access to the aggregated results of these polls, staff and students can also obtain respondent level data from the Gallup World Poll via the Business and Economics Subject Librarian, Janette Nicolle. Given there are about 1000 respondents per country, for over 100 countries in the world and for most years since 2006, this is a great source of data for both research and teaching!

If you would like to know more details about this dataset or discuss possible uses of the data, please feel free to contact Business and Economics Subject Librarian, Janette Nicolle or Associate Professor Tom Coupe who has experience working with this database.