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UC Policy Library search pages now available on the website

The UC Policy Unit has worked on improving the search function of the policy library and to enable a better search result when looking for policies, the search pages have been migrated on to the website. 

An A-Z search function will be added to the search pages shortly, so policies can be browsed in alphabetical order.

If you are looking for other sources of policy information such as regulations, UC plans or related UC webpages, please use the main search function on the UC website instead.

Links to some of the other webpages holding  policy information are also available via the UC Policy Library homepage here>

The Policy Unit would like your thoughts on how easy it is to find what you are looking for in the UC Policy Library, or if things you would expect to see are not coming up after your search. To provide feedback, please contact ucpolicy@canterbury.ac.nz with your thoughts.

New look Policy Library webpages

The UC Policy Library went live on the T4 (Terminal Four) platform last Thursday. The move to the T4 platform for existing webpages is part of a University wide project.

The new look webpages has been designed incorporating feedback from contact officers  provided earlier in the year (those nominated on a policy as a policy contact/subject matter expert) which was provided earlier in the year. The Policy Unit is grateful for all the feedback it received.

Please note that with the move to T4 the webiste addresses (URL’s) of the policies have changed. If you have linked to a policy, you may need to update the link. Please do this by going into the search function in the UC Policy Library, locate your policy and copy the hyperlink.

For those that often use the Policy Library (contact officers, staff and students), please take note of the new webpages .

Not all of the UC Policy Library webpages have changed their look just yet, and the Policy Unit are working on improving the search functionality of policies both on the general University website and within the UC Policy Library search function.

If there is information that you cannot find on the new webpages or you have general feedback, please contact Jodie Flowerday or Kiri Hill-Dunne in the Policy Unit. Contacts details for Jodie and Kiri can be found on the UC Policy Library website.

Policy Library tip: Linking to a UC policy

Did you know that you can hyperlink to a policy? Using a hyperlink to the official electronic version of a policy on the UC Policy Library (UCPL) is preferable to downloading and saving a policy onto your own computer or uploading it onto your web page, because once a policy is printed, or downloaded and saved or uploaded outside of the UCPL, it becomes an uncontrolled version and may be out of date. To hyperlink to a policy:

  1. Select the name of the policy that you want to display as a hyperlink.
  2. Select Hyperlink on the Insert tab or by right clicking.
  3. Copy the URL link to the policy by right clicking the named link to the policy on the UCPL and selecting Copy shortcut.
  4. Paste the URL link into the Address box in the Insert hyperlink box ensuring that Existing File or Web Page is selected on the left under Link to.
  5. Check that the hyperlink works by pressing Ctrl + left click on the link.

For more information see the Metapolicy or the FAQs section of the UC Policy Library, or contact the Policy Unit.”