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Website search issues

Over the past few months the website search has not been performing to an acceptable level.

Both the web team and IT have been working closely with the third party search provider to remedy this and a lot of improvements have been made to date. However, if you continue to experience search related issues please submit them via the form located here: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/web/search/

How you can help
Your submissions will help both the web team and IT to continue to map the issue as we liaise with the search provider. Each submission will be reviewed individually and fixed where possible.

Both teams will continue to work very closely with the third party provider to keep enhancing the search functionality to provide you with a better experience.

Online Experience Project – update and tips

After a very busy period of work the Online Experience Project team  has implemented a major change to the way the website works.

The website now sports a new navigation comprised of an updated Megamenu across the whole site, breadcrumbs and a new underlying Information Architecture (IA).

  • To develop these changes we employed a specialist User Experience Designer, and completed comprehensive user research and usability testing, using a variety of tools and methods.
  • The testing encompassed a ranges of ages from school leavers to seniors, with both domestic and international students, across staff and students, and with an almost 50/50 gender split.
  • The results for the tasks were well over 80% for success under a thirty second timeline, indicating the site is significantly more usable and logical for our site visitors.

What this means for you: if you have links saved as favorites you may need to replace them if your pages have moved to a new location, with the new URL’s – familiarise yourself with the new site.

Special URL’s (e.g. www.canterbury.ac.nz/subjects)  on published material will be redirected automatically until new print material is published or a decision is made to maintain them indefinitely.

The site has been developed with our customers in mind, to make it easier for those unfamiliar with the way the University has been structured to still find the right information or people to help them.

As with any change this may seem a little strange to those who are regular visitors, especially staff who are used to looking at it from an organisational structure perspective, however we are confident that the site will be much easier to use.

To support the changes and continue to maintain the usability of our website, with the availability of new analytics (delivered as part of the project) the web team will monitor the reports and refine the site structure should there be anything that requires tweaking after implementation.

We welcome your feedback so please email onlineexperienceproject@canterbury.ac.nz and let us know what you think.

Debbie Jones – Senior Project Manager – Online Experience Project


Online Experience website – update

Phase III of the Online Experience project is now well underway.

As of 18 October the ITS pages will be updated to use the new T4 CMS (Content Management System) and the newly designed templates.

Part of our review is ensuring that the content on the website is suitable for the audience and because of this we are moving the content aimed at Staff only back to the UC Intranet.

If you are looking for staff information that is no longer there make sure you check out the Intranet at https://intranet.canterbury.ac.nz/
In the next steps for the project we are reviewing and migrating the content on the Colleges and Departments sites, so if you are aware of any out of date or incorrect content on these pages, please let your Marketing Co-ordinators or current Website Administrators know so it can be updated when we look at those pages.

Debbie Jones
Snr Project Manager – Online Experience Project Phase III