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UCSA demolition update – noisy work

The final phase of the UCSA building demolition is now under way. This involves breaking up the concrete foundation and removing ground services.

Between now and the end of November the UCSA site will be noisy due to the use of excavators, hydraulic jack hammers and compactors. Those located in buildings near the UCSA site may also experience some ground vibrations.

For more information see the UCSA demolition timeline or if you have any concerns please contact David Wong, UCSA Demolition Project Manager – email david.wong@canterbury.ac.nz

UCSA demolition update, upcoming noisy work

The UCSA building demolition project is progressing well, with the east end of the building currently being deconstructed to ground level.

The next phase of demolition will then start, which involves breaking up the concrete foundation and removing ground services (water pipes etc).

This work is expected to be noisy due to the use of excavators, hydraulic jack hammers and compactors. (See the UCSA Demolition timeline for an outline of activities.)

The noisiest periods will be between:

  • now and mid-October
  • 14 November and 30 November.

Staff and students located in buildings near the UCSA site may also experience some light ground vibrations during these times.

A noise simulation study was recently carried out and as a result all significant noisy activities, specifically breaking concrete foundations, will stop during the exam period between 24 October and 10 November.

Further information and advice
For further information, or if you have any specific concerns, please contact UCSA Demolition Project Manager, David Wong for advice.  Email – david.wong@canterbury.ac.nz  



Watch UCSA building demolition – live webcam

The old UCSA building is coming down. Watch it live here!

We can hear the demolition happening outside the Alumni and UC Foundation office so we thought we would share this exciting progress with you.

A new building is now planned for the same site and the vision for the project is for a space that is accessible, inviting and fun – where students can get together and get away from the stress of study.

Find out more about this exciting project here.


UCSA update – Demolition starting in August

Many of you will have noticed more hoardings are going up around the UCSA building. The building will be handed over to the demolition contractor later this week, and they will start demolishing the building this month. Demolition is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Please note:

  • the footbridge between University Drive (opposite University Bookshop) and the UCSA building is closed. Please use the footbridge between University Drive (opposite the Angus Tait building) and the Health Centre instead. (From the UCSA carpark, follow the path on the north side of the Health Centre to access the footbridge.)
  • a new pedestrian crossing has been installed at the north east corner of The Foundry Events Centre
  • drivers should continue to access the UCSA car park from Ilam Road via the existing entrance (at the north end of the car park next to the UCSA building), and leave the car park via the existing exit (at the south end of the car park near The Foundry)
  • drivers should follow the white directional arrows painted on the ground in the car park and keep an eye out for new give way signs
  • there is a reduced number of car parks available.

Please take care and look out for others when walking, cycling, skateboarding or driving near the UCSA site.

Construction activity in the area will ramp up over the next few months. Slow down and watch out for trucks and other vehicles coming and going from the site.  Think first!

The new UCSA building

When the new UCSA building opens its doors in 2019 it will provide a hub for student life and activities, and be a pivotal part of the UC student experience.

The Ngaio Marsh performance theatre will open once again in the new building, which will feature social, hospitality, meeting, club/society, office and event spaces. The outdoor amphitheatre overlooking the Avon River will also be retained, and popular student spots The Foundry and Bentleys will move back into the building.


Artist’s impressions of the new UCSA building (above) and the Ngaio Marsh performance theatre (below).


It’s not just UC students who will benefit from the new building, the wider community will also have the opportunity to enjoy it. Whether it’s going to the theatre or attending a music concert, or using one of the event spaces for a meeting or function between semesters when students are away.

More information is available at:

Celebrating the past – UCSA exhibition in Matariki Gallery

As part of a student executive reunion being held this weekend, the UCSA is holding an exhibition in the lower concourse in the Matariki building. The exhibition celebrates UC student life over the years and also includes the latest images of the new UCSA building. If you’re in the area, pop in and have a look.