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It’s Time to Check Your Phone Numbers

Since the migration to Skype for Business, the vast majority of phone numbers for individuals and departments have changed.


Your new direct dial phone number is now part of your user identity in the same way your email address is. This number will remain with you for the lifetime of your IT account and will follow you from place to place.

So people are able to contact you directly, please ensure you have updated your phone number in the following locations:

  • Your email signature
  • You departmental and personal web pages
  • Electronic publications
  • Contact lists
  • Notify all regular contacts of the change


For departments phone numbers are a bit different. It used to be that the primary contact belonged to a phone on a desk. Now that the administrators or primary service contacts have their own personal numbers, you do not want to advertise those as the primary contact number – if this person leaves the university or moves to another role, they will continue to receive calls for their published number.

In order to get around this issue we can create a Skype for Business Response Group, similar to the old style call groups. A Response Group creates a permanent phone number for your department which, when called, one or more members of your department or team can answer.

You may need a Response Group if you have or need the following:

  • A permanent contact number
  • A group of people responsible for the same service
  • Staff who job-share

Areas that could benefit from a Response Group include:

  • Colleges
  • Academic Departments and Schools
  • Programmes
  • Research Centres
  • Service Areas

If you would like a Response Group created for your area, or would like to find out more about them, please log an Assist ticket using this form and an IT representative will get in contact to discuss the details.

Further information on Response Groups can be found in the Skype for Business online help documentation.