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Volunteer at O Day – a word from those who gave it a go

Katie Perry, Senior HR Advisor, writes about her team’s experience volunteering at Open Day. They’ll be volunteering at Orientation Day on Friday 19 February, and are calling on other UC staff members to get involved too.

Remembering back to when we started studying at UC many years ago it was full of trepidation and uncertainty, and that was just for the parents! Last year we organised for our team to volunteer as part of Open Day, it was a great chance to get out from behind our desks and remember what it means to be a staff member taking a student-centred approach to our work.

I would really recommend staff taking part in volunteering at UC events because being able to reassure parents and new to UC students with our experience and knowledge was incredibly rewarding and fun.

2014 Open Day 10.7.14. C Block, Undercroft, Lecture Theatres, Various helpers, Dept visits, Civil Eng, Geology, Fine Art, Chemistry.
A UC staff member talking to visitors at a previous Open Day

Our team was given responsibility for the busy C block lecture theatres, we worked alongside the volunteer students to co-ordinate the smooth running of the information sessions while also being available to help with directions and basic campus information.

The day gave us some unexpected insights, such as the genuine concerns and worries of parents and students, what degrees and programmes are most popular and it also reminded us how much we actually knew about UC!

It was a fantastic team activity and should be part of every new team member’s induction to UC! We all found the day so worthwhile, the students and parents genuinely appreciated the service we provided.

All we can say is get you and your team involved in volunteering at Orientation Day!

If you’re ready to take up Katie’s challenge – contact Events Team Leader Jayne Austin by emailing jayne.austin@canterbury.ac.nz or call 6916.

Volunteering in the Nepal earthquake rebuild

We all know what’s it’s like to go through an earthquake. Well, imagine enduring that in a village with limited running water and sanitation, poorly constructed buildings, no motorised transport, and very limited infrastructure. And then imagine trying to rebuild all that. By hand.

My wife and I are volunteering to go to Nepal to help in support of the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. We are going over there through an NZ volunteer organisation for two weeks in December to help in whatever ways we can. We will mostly be rebuilding schools by hand in villages. We will have to walk a few hours to get to the villages, and sleep in temporary accommodation. It will be winter over there. We will eat the same food the villagers eat, two meals a day.

Would you consider helping us get there by making a donation?

We are volunteering through a New Zealand organisation called Global Volunteer Network Foundation (GVN), who have been working with communities in Nepal since 2002.

Even a small donation will be helpful. I have put a link below where you can read a bit more about why we are doing this, and to make a donation if you would like to through our page with the Global Volunteer Network Foundation.

Please note that your donation and our financial goal is in US$. Our goal on the fundraising page is US$3,000. This money covers all our costs while volunteering in Nepal as well as paying the staff there who are co-ordinating us, to make sure that we don’t cost the people of Nepal anything while helping them! Anything over the US$3,000 goal is donated to the schools we are helping rebuild. We have already personally paid for our airfares ($6,000 – ouch!) so your donation does not go to the airlines.

You can click here to read a bit more about why we are doing this, and to make a donation if you would like to. (Or copy this link and paste it into your browser.)


The process is quick, easy, and secure. We truly value your support. We appreciate it, and we know it will make a difference to the people in Nepal that we help.

Thank you.


Martin Budd.
Learning & Development Department
Human Resources