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Orbit Travel – deals for UC Staff

Orbit travel are here to help UC staff with any and all leisure travel plans.

Orbit have access to all the great deals you may have seen advertised recently (e.g. camper-van hire) and can be a one-stop-shop for arranging all your travel plans.

Orbit also have other industry-specific discounts and deals they can offer to UC staff including discounted Air New Zealand airfares.

As an additional bonus, UC will cover the Orbit $25 booking fee for all UC staff who use at least three annual leave days for their domestic travel trips booked with Orbit. This will continue until the end of September 2020.

To talk to the Orbit team about your leisure travel requirements call them on 03 339 3440. Alternatively you can email them at the events@orbit.co.nz

Explore more domestic holiday discounts that are available through ChristchurchNZ here> 

PS: Don’t forget to post your holiday snaps to the Tū ki te tahi blog  or on social media with tags #WhatDidUC and #ExploreCHC

Wellbeing at work

If you’ve ever walked in the door and complained about your work, you’re not alone. What if, instead of being a source of stress – our work (and workplaces) were good for us?

In Episode 9 of Te Rāngai Pūtaiao | College of Science’s weekly podcast, UC Science Radio, Professor of Psychology Katharina Naswall talks about the world of work in uncertain times, how to reduce stress and increase health and wellbeing in the workplace, and how to make sure it’s good for us.

Check out the episode here or on Spotify | Stitcher | Youtube | Apple Podcasts.

Feeling overwhelmed? EAP can help

The last few months have been challenging and it’s okay if you are feeling a little overwhelmed. After spending a long time in the safety of our bubbles, we are gradually returning to normal. But sometimes even positive change can be disruptive to our wellbeing and feel a little scary..

For some, the thought of coming back to campus may be a relief, for others this may cause anxiety and uncertainty. It’s okay however you’re feeling, we’re all adjusting at our own pace.

If you’d like some support, the Employment Assistance Programme (EAP) is available.

Phone: 0800 327 669 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Email: ak@eapservices.co.nz

Website: https://www.eapservices.co.nz/

Alternatively you can speak to your manager, Human Resources, or free text 1737 for 24/7 phone support.


5 Ways to Wellbeing Reminder – Connect

Now that we are in Level 2, many of you may have spent the weekend re connecting with your friends and family. Connecting with others is vital for maintaining a healthy wellbeing and for helping us to feel safe, less stressed and less anxious.

Connecting in Level 2 is a little different than normal, so please remember to practice safe social distancing and keep your gathering sizes small. 

Looking for ways to connect, here are some ideas:

  • Gather a few friends for a movie night; ask people to share a film they like.
  • Smile at a stranger – you may be surprised by the smile you get back!
  • Find more opportunities for humour in the home by starting a family joke collection.
  • Connect with the whenua; grab some mates and get into the great outdoors – go on a bush walk, go surfing or mountain bike riding.
  • Take time to read your local newspaper or newsletter – find out what’s going on in your area, such as music or cultural performances, then organise a group outing.
  • Have a family WIFI, TV and text free day and bring out the old board games you have – you may be surprised at how much fun they still are! Contact a friend you have not seen or spoken to for a while and talk, talk, talk!

Click here for a clip from the All Right Campaign where Si and Gary talk about the importance of connection.